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API Certification


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An API inspector is certified to maintain standards of quality for various aspects of the oil and gas industry. The American Petroleum Institute has a wide variety of certification options that are all specialized in different parts of the industry, and have their own responsibilities and requirements

American Petroleum Institute (API) models advocate verified, sound production and operating practices and safe, exchangeable hardware and materials from boring tools to ecological insurance. Included are manuals, models, determinations, announcements, rules and specialized reports.

Quality Certifications API Definitions

The American Petroleum Institute (API) is an trade affiliation that makes standards for the improvement of oil and petrochemical tools and business, and offers item, quality, organization, and individual certifications to oil and gas industry guidelines. API is involved 600 U.S. corporate individuals dynamic in different zones of oil creation and transportation, including makers, purifiers, providers, pipeline administrators, just as administration and supply organizations.

API Spec Q1

API Spec Q1 is an organization level accreditation dependent on the standard created and distributed by the American Petroleum Institute (API) titled "Determination for Quality Management System Requirements for Manufacturing Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry". This accreditation is expected for organizations that make hardware or parts of gear utilized in oil and gaseous petrol creation. Confirmations are given only by API. Organizations must present their quality

An API inspector is ensured to keep up principles of value for different parts of the oil and gas industry. The American Petroleum Institute has a wide assortment of accreditation choices that are all specialized in various parts of the business, and have their own duties and prerequisites

API Certified is an organization that recognizes the authorized associations having a place with the oil business, which have breezed through the quality assessment and agreed to the details set by the American Petroleum Institute. There are various accreditations that the associations need to agree to, so as to become API Certified and have the option to sell their products.

An API Certified association that manages oil and gaseous petrol administrations implies that the association has met the details of the American Petroleum Institute. API Certified associations’ worldwide need to attempt these accreditation tests so as to pass the standard quality conventions set by the API. If the association is API affirmed, the items produced or sold by it meets with the prerequisites of the client and as per the global value framework and safe for use.

Following is key procedure for accomplishing American Petroleum Institute API confirmation for Valves

  • Application to American Petroleum Institute API for accreditation
  • Singing agreement with American Petroleum Institute API for accreditation
  • Identification of Technical item detail framework appropriate to the valve under API accreditation
  • Implementing essential activities incorporating documentation for agreeing to prerequisite of specialized particulars appropriate to valve viable of API American oil organization accreditation
  • Complying with Quality framework necessities according to API standard prerequisites
  • Doing internal review of created framework to conform to API necessities
  • API affirmation review by API

Essentials to Applying API Certification

Recorded underneath are significant requirements to execute and follow before applying for an accreditation with API. Courses of events are a significant segment to consider while applying for confirmation in light of review booking and the additional work while actualizing a quality framework inside your business.

  • Execution and upkeep of a quality management framework that meets the prerequisites of API Spec Q1, API Q2, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, and ISO 9001 for at any rate four months.
  • Conducted a full framework internal review to the appropriate standard(s) within a year.
  • Conducted an administration audit to the the appropriate standard(s) within a year.
  • Approved design bundle if applying for a Monogram License.
  • Own a refreshed duplicate copy of appropriate frameworks.
  • Finished the best possible documentation:
  • Survey
  • Quality Manual kept in touch with the pertinent standard it most current version.
  • Finished Conformity Matrix


Get help from an experienced legal adviser. Schedule your consultation at a time that works for you and it's absolutely FREE.

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