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New Form 15G in Word Format | Download Form 15G in Word and PDF Format


Form 15g Download In Word Format For Pf Withdrawal

Download Form 15g Download In Word Format For Pf Withdrawal

PF Withdrawal Form 15g is a document that is used by the applicant who wants to withdraw his or her PF. When the PF claim amount exceeds  Rs. 50,000 but the EPF member's total service is less than five years, mean the applicant is age below 60, then form 15G must be filled; otherwise, form 15G is not required. Even though you are eligible, TDS would be unnecessarily deducted from your interest income or PF claim amount if you fail to submit Form 15G.

This form can be downloaded and filled up from the link given below. The applicant should be aware that he/she has to submit this form along with all required information which are mentioned in the form. The applicant should fill out this form correctly and strictly in order for it to be accepted by the concerned authority.

How To Fill Form 15g For PF Withdrawal

New Form 15G has two sections or parts;

1. The person (individual) who wants to claim certain "incomes" without TDS must complete Part 1.

Part 1 Form 15G Format Corpseed

2. Now let's go through each point in Part 1 of Form 15G.

  • Name of the Assessee (Declarant): As mentioned in your Pan Card
  • PAN of the Assessee : Mentioned your PAN Card Number
  • Status : A individual or an organisation.
  • Previous Year (P.Y.) 
  • Residential Status: Indian or Other
  • Address: Add your Communication address
  • Email and mobile number: Add your mobile number and email
  • Whether assessed to tax under the Income-tax act, 1961: Mark Tick ‘’Yes’’ if you were assessed to tax under the Income-tax act, 1961
  • Estimated income for which this declaration Is made
  • Estimated total income of the. P.Y. in which Income mentioned in column 16 to be included
  • Details of Form No. 15G other than this form filed during the previous year, if any
  1. Details of the income for which this declaration is filed: You need to provide the investment account number (Pan Card No. and PF No.), 
  2. Identification Number: Provident Fund Account Number.
  3. Nature of Income: EPF Withdrawal
  4. Section: 192A
  5. Amount: Mention your EPF amount which you want to withdraw(Employer + Employee)

3. Part 2: The person or organisation in charge of issuing the income must complete this part. A bank that pays "interest income" on a depositor's fixed deposit serves as an example.

Part 2 Form 15G Format Corpseed

Form 15g Sample Download

New Form 15G Format sample corpseed

Download Form 15g Format in PDF and Word

You can easily download the Form 15g Format in the different format below:

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