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Download Appointment Letter Format in Word and PDF


Introduction: Appointment Letters

Appointment letters are printed on the employer's letterhead and signed by the Management or HR who has the authority to hire the candidate. If the candidate accepts the post, he or she must sign a copy of the letter and return it to the employer to signal employment acceptance, at which point a contractual duty for both parties to fulfill arises and becomes obligatory.

An appointment letter is an important document that outlines the terms and conditions of employment, and it is important for both the employer and employee to review it carefully before signing to avoid any confusion or disputes in the future.

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There are some points that should be covered in an ideal format of an appointment letter.

  • Name & Address of the organization (employer) along with Company’s letterhead.
  • Allocation Date of the Appointment letter
  • Candidate’s Full name & Address
  • Job title/Position offered
  • Job Role and Responsibilities
  • Nature of Job
  • Permanent/Temporary/Contractual
  • Timing of Office
  • Salary – Annual/Monthly
  • Perks and Benefits
  • Employment Terms and Condition
  • Brief details of Company policies
  • Reference or attachment of Employee Handbook or HR manual
  • Tenure of the Contract / Appointment (if any)
  • Date of Joining
  • At the time of joining Checklist of the documents needed to submit
  • Security requirements
  • Commitment or declaration
  • Provision regarding termination

Appointment Letter Format Corpseed

Download Appointment Letter Format in Word & PDF

You can easily download the Appointment Letter in the different format below:

Terms and Condition of Appointment

Every appointment with be subject to the Rules and Regulations of M/s. _______, enforce and as revised from time to time, the company change or introduce the policies and procedures in relation to its employees will be deemed to apply to the employment.

Every employment will set about from the date of joining as mentioned in the appointment letter. There will be a three month probationary period, with employment confirmation based on decent performance during that time.

At the time of probation period, the employment can be terminated by either party by giving one week’s notice. After the employment has been confirmed, any party may be terminating it by giving one month’s basic wage in place of notice if the circumstances warrant it.

The employee will be responsible to transfer to any place of business of the organization whether existing or later acquired on or from one department to another or one discipline to another in the interest of organization.

The staff member may be retired at the age of 60 years, if found necessary by the company.

While working for the company:

Without the company's previous written approval, the employee may not take up any other job or participate in any outside activities.

The employee shall carry out all the duty and responsibility assigned from time to time by the management or other authorized from the company to assign any such duty and responsibility.

The staff member shall not, without the company's prior written consent, disclose, divulge, or make public any of the process accounts transactions and dealings to the company, whether the same is communicated and/or becomes known to the staff member in the course of services or otherwise, except under legal obligations. All information that comes to the staff member's knowledge as a result of their employment with the company is considered confidential.

The employee will be responsible for the safekeeping and return in good condition of all corporate belongings that may be in your possession, custody, or charge, as well as the proper handing over of the current assignment (s).

Unless you provide written notification, the staff member will keep us aware of any charges in the residential address. The address listed in your CV will be considered your home address unless you provide written notification.

All payments will be made in compliance with the regulations governing income taxes.

He or she must follow and maintain the highest standards of personal behaviour and integrity in accordance with all corporate policies and procedures.

The appointment agreement is valid to have been completed in the. Even if the staff person is serving outside of Delhi, the National Capital Territory of Delhi and the staff member are subject to the administrative jurisdiction of the Corporate and Head Office. The cause of action would be regarded to have arisen with the Jurisdiction of the National Capital Territory of Delhi in the event of a dispute or discrepancy over the terms and circumstances of the appointment.

I shall abide by the above-mentioned terms and conditions.

(Signature of Mr./Miss_)

Date: _____________

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