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Finance Consulting

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Financial Modeling

The objective of the financial modeling is to accurately forecast the price or upcoming revenue performance of a company.

Business Plan

A business plan is an engraved sketch of your business's prospect, a document that describes the step to step process on what a business owner plan to do and how to execute the plan.

Short Term Finance

Financial need for a small period of time normally less than a year is known as Short term finance. It is also known as working capital financing,

Startup Financing

When you are starting your business you need capital. Team Corpseed helps you get funding for your startup that will help you to raise capital.

Credit Management Policy

Corpseed helps you to define rules on all steps that are likely to prevent business risk by committing financial resources. This shall be done in order to manage this risk and to diminish them.

Credit Rating

Credit rating is an evaluation of credit risk of a borrower or of a business or of an instrument of a business on relevant factor indicating ability to pay back the debt in general term.

External Commercial Borrowings

External Commercial Borrowing is not unique and different aspects as far as sourcing of fund is concern, in fact it is traditional practice since long time.