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Recycling Plant

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E Waste Recycling Plant Setup

Any person who is engaged in recycling, reprocessing and recovery of waste electrical and electronic equipment or assemblies or their component is a recycler, and need to apply for e-waste recycling license granted by MoEF and CPCB. Enjoy simple processing, fast updates, and, best of all, no hidden fees.

Plastic Waste Recycling Plant Setup

Set up a plant to recycle uncollected plastic waste which is thrown into the natural environment in oceans or piling up on lands while complying with the CPCB norms. Enjoy simple processing, fast updates, and, best of all, no hidden fees.

Vehicle Scrapping / Recycling Facility

Set up plant complying as per the Central government guidelines for setting up, authorization and operation of AVSF (Authorized Vehicle Scrapping Facility) in the Inida. We will do the paper work for you while you can focus on your goal.

Common Biomedical Waste Treatment Facility Setup

Setup your Biomedical plant as per the CPCB guidelines. Enjoy simple processing, fast updates, and, best of all, no hidden fees.

Solid Waste Management Recycling Plant

Our Experts will consult you on how to start Solid Waste Management Recycling Plant from land finalization till operations. Solid waste treatment plant is a solid waste treatment & disposal facility consisting of different devices and combining with different sorting methods to separate useful resources out from the municipal solid waste.

Treatment, Storage, Disposal Facility (TSDF’S)

Set up your own TSDF recycling plant while complying with the governmnet norms and guideliance. We will do the paper work for you with CPCB while you can focus on your goal.

Oxygen Manufacturing Plant in India

The very initial step is to get hold of the atmospheric oxygen in manufacturing plant. Get free consultation and step guide to set up your Oxygen plant setup. Enjoy simple processing, fast updates, and, best of all, no hidden fees.

Construction and Demolish Waste Authorization

Every waste resulting from construction, remodeling, repair, and demolition of any civil structure of individual or organization that generates construction and demolition waste such as building materials, debris, the rubble has to comply with CPCB norms.

Scrap Import Business

The process is divided into three parts, one for the scrap import process, the second to take the scrap recycling certification, authorization and consent to establish your Scrap Processing Plant and the third to keep the Scrap Import Business running and fulfil compliance requirements for Scrap Import Business in India.

Tyre Recycling Plant Setup In India

This is an opportunity for those wanting to enter the recycling industry and target tyre waste. To get there, one has to go through lots of compliance, documentation, and market research.

Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Setup In India

The recycler of the Tyre Pyrolysis plant should register his business as an entity. It can be a sole proprietorship or partnership or company. If the recycler owns a company, he should register it with the Registrar of Companies.

Hazardous Waste Recycling Plant Setup

Hazardous Waste Management Business is a burdensome task considering the compliances it has to fulfil. Corpseed negates all the difficulties and helps you to establish your business with ease!

Biogas Plant Setup

Biogas Plant produces green energy and you can set it up even in rural areas where biomass is easily available at minimal cost. Get in touch with Corpseed now and set up your Biogas or Gobar Gas Plant!

Lithium-ion Batteries Recycling Plant Setup in India

The current trend of electric vehicles guarantees the scope of battery recycling plants in future. Set up your Lithium Ion Battery Recycling plant now with the help of Corpseed and stay ahead of the competition!

Lead Acid Battery Recycling Plant Setup In India

Despite the popularity of lithium-based technology, Lead Acid Batteries remain widely used in power storage. Don't underestimate their potential and start a Lead Acid Battery Recycling Plant with Corpseed's assistance.