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Certifications & Legal Compliance Required To Export Jute From India
by Surbhit Sharma on 2022-10-06

If you are a jute manufacturer and you are willing to export jute from India to another country, then this blog could be really helpful for you to understand the complete procedure information about the export of jute from India to other countries.

Legal Compliances Required To Export Cereals From India
by Aastha . on 2022-10-06

In this Blog, we will discuss the procedure for exporting cereals from India. Before starting with the process and required mandatory compliances for export.

How To Conduct Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) Of Plastic Products
by Sagar Sharma on 2022-10-04

In the framework of Sustainable Consumption and Production, Life Cycle Thinking (LCT) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) are the scientific methodologies that underpin an increasing number of contemporary environmental legislation and decision-making tools for businesses (SCP).

How to Obtain Environmental Clearance in Gujarat
by Sagar Sharma on 2022-10-04

Environment Clearance is the Procedure that is conducted to assess the impact of the project to be established to run by the State-level Environment Impact Assessment Authority, Gujarat.

How to obtain Environmental Clearance in Maharashtra
by Sagar Sharma on 2022-10-03

The focus on the environment has gone down since the Industrial revolution took place in India, throughout the stage the public including the government was very nominal aware of the environment and industrial impact on the environment.

MoEF Guidelines For Construction Projects
by Surbhit Sharma on 2022-10-03

Before we start talking about the MoEF guidelines, let us give you a short introduction to the MoEF. MoEF means the ministry of environment and forest.