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How Environmental Consultancy Can Help Your Business Reduce Carbon Footprint
by Hansika Bhardwaj on 2023-12-04

In the time it takes to read this sentence, over a million new blogs would have been launched online. Yet, amidst this digital noise, we offer something different.

New Drug Approval Rules by CDSCO (Form 44)
by Yash Chauhan on 2023-11-27

CDSCO is responsible for approving drugs and clinical trials, setting standards for drugs, ensuring the quality of imported drugs, and coordinating with State Drug Control Organizations to enforce the Drugs and Cosmetics Act and relevant rules.

Norms Around Import and Export Of Hazardous Wastes In India
by Yash Chauhan on 2023-11-24

Hazardous waste is a well-known issue in the industrial landscape. It is generated as waste from industrial activities including various production, recycling or treatment processes.

What is Hydroponic farming and how does it work
by Hansika Bhardwaj on 2023-11-24

To define, hydroponics is a revolutionary force, with a process of growing plants in a water-based nutrient solution without the assistance of soil, but accompanied by various substances or materials, ranging from perlite, vermiculite and coconut coir.

How to Start a Medicine Export Business or Pharmaceutical Export Business in India
by Yash Chauhan on 2023-11-21

India being the global leader in the supply of DPT, BCG, and Measles vaccines holds opportunities for new businesses to manufacture drugs and other pharmaceutical products in India

What is the PMEGP Scheme and How to Apply For PMEGP Scheme
by Yash Chauhan on 2023-11-21

Prime Minister's Employment Generation Programme is the gateway to turning entrepreneurial dreams into thriving ventures, designed to empower individuals and fuel economic growth by creating job opportunities through micro-enterprises.