Environmental Impact Analysis

The Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA) is one of the most broadly used tools for recognizing and preventing the adverse ecological effects of development activities. The EIA compares alternative, which could be used

Impact of Deadly Covid 19 on Mother Earth

Corona Viruses are a group of viruses that affect animals. 7, including the new virus, have made the humans their new host, but most just cause cold-like symptoms

NBFC Funding in India

The main points to keep in mind while raising funds are. Examining the mismatch between assets & liabilities. Reducing the mismatch.

Due Diligence of NBFC

The due diligence is mainly an instrument to inquire and look into the insides of an entity in all aspects. It closely looks into the legal, financial, commercial insights of an entity

Appeal Against Cancellation Of NBFC Registration

The RBI is in power to cancel the NBFC License if the companies don’t meet the public interest at large. The RBI is also in the capacity to cancel the license if the requirements are not

Procedure for Incorporation of NBFC under Companies Act 2013

A Non – Banking Financial Company is incorporated under the Companies Act 2013 or 1956 to the core dealing in the business of loans and advances, acquirement of stocks, equities, debt, etc provided by the government or any local authority

Trademark Opposition Process | Trademark Opposition Rules

A trademark opposition is raised by a third-party if they find any similarity or any other issue with the applied application. The status of the application gets changed to “opposed” if anybody files an opposition against your trademark

What is Trade Mark Application Status Objected And How To Reply On Trademark Objection

What is Trade Mark Application Status Objected | What Is Trademark Objection And How To Reply On Trademark Objection | What Is Trademark Opposition. Connect with us and get Solutions to all your Questions

Difference Between Patent Copyright And Trademark

Intellectual property comprises of intangible creations -artistic works such as music and writings; scientific or non-scientific discoveries; development of symbols, and logo

DIR 3 KYC latest update 24th March 2020

file DIR-3KYC/DIR-3KYC-Web/ACTIVE as the case may be between 1st April, 2020 to 30th September, 2020 without any filing fee of INR 5000/INR 10000 respectively

BSCI Certification | BSCI Audit | BSCI Compliance

The Business Social Compliance Initiative is a main business-driven activity for organizations focused on improving working conditions in the worldwide production network

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Certification | HACCP Certification

(Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) HACCP is a universally perceived framework for decreasing the danger of safety risks in food.

What is Trademark Registration?

This is really difficult with the same/ similar product category and class, in order to distinguish them from their competitors; one has to choose way that their name would be enough to identify their product.

Gujarat Pollution Control Board Online Application

We Will Help You in Get Gujarat Pollution Control Board NOC/Consent/License/Certificate/Registration/CTE/CTO in Just 30 Days for any type of industries. 

FSSC 22000 Certification | FSSC Certification

We Will Help You in Get FSSC Certification Online with best price guranteed. Corpseed top 10 management consulting firm in India. FSSC 22000 was given Worldwide Acknowledgment by the GFSI (Worldwide Sanitation Activity)

Private limited Company Registration Online Process

In this aeon of the competitive business world, starting and registering a new business is a toughest decision one has to make. The main question comes what to choose among number of business entity to register your business

Trademark Renewal Service in India | Renew your Trademark In Rs 1,999

India is a developing country. Everyone is here wanting to startup their business with their own unique Brand Name. With this the demand of trademark registration is high and to reserve the renewal of trademark registration is must

What is Trademark Objection and how to file a Trademark Objection Reply Online

Trademark is a type of intellectual property consists of design, sign or expression which identifies products and their services. In other words trademark is a sign capable of to differentiate


Pursuant to Section 139(1) of the Companies Act, 2013 & Rule 4(2) of the Companies (Audit & Auditors) Rules, 2014

What is the Difference Between NGO And Trust

NGO means Non-legislative Organization while trust is simply the word trust. NGOs are liable for the advancement of specific causes whether

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