6 Home-based Business Ideas for Pet Lovers

If an entrepreneur loves animals, he may be interested in business ideas which enable him to earn money while playing with pets and other animals.

7 Myths About Small Businesses

There are various myths related to the opening of a new business. These myths could range from registration of new business to annual compliance, subsidies and government tax breaks.

10 Mistakes People make while starting a new Business

An entrepreneur may make many mistakes during his business journey, be it wrong product positioning, absence of market research, sunk costs, inadequate marketing efforts or ignoring competition.

10 Principles of Restaurant Design

An entrepreneur is required to allot considerable resources to develop a concept and the design for his restaurant which will be commensurate with the products and services provided. The designs of kitchen, bar, seating area, lounge etc is to be such that the daily restaurant operations are not hindered.

10 ways to have a profitable restaurant business

Running a successful restaurant business operations require a particular skill set by the entrepreneurs. A restaurant could be turned profitable by increasing sales, cutting costs, good food & customer service, effective promotions and marketing techniques.

13 steps for FSSAI full compliance

A food business operator could be complete FSSAI Compliant by following the guidelines of the food authority regarding food inspections, employee responsibilities, continuous inspections and food safety & hygiene standards.

Best Opportunities for Small Businesses in 2019

There are various business ideas for entrepreneurs and startup ecosystem. These business ideas range from freelancing as software developer to managing children's services and facility maintenance services.

The Decision of opening a new restaurant or buying an existing one

An entrepreneur may decide to open a new restaurant or buy an existing one depending on the circumstances, and costs and whether he can drive any value from the existing restaurant. Distress business sale could prove more attractive option than starting his own restaurant.

FSSAI & AGMARK - The Difference

FSSAI is Food Safety & Standards Authority of India to regulate food businesses and it comes under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare while AGMARK is the certification for agricultural products and comes under the Ministry of Agriculture.

FSSAI License for Bakery Shop

If an entrepreneur wants to open a bakery shop or already having a bakery business, he need to apply to FSSAI for the required registration or a license depending on the annual turnover and food business of the applicant.

How to Start a New Business Even If You are Scared of Failure

Every entrepreneur is scared and apprehensive of his new business failure. The fear of failure prevents many individuals to stay away from the startup ecosystem. This can be changed by instilling a winner's attitude in an individual.

Ministry of Consumer Affairs’ Advisory for FSSAI

Ministry of Consumer Affairs, along with other Ministries, have asked FSSAI to float tenders for invitation of bids for construction of silos for storage of food grain procured by Food Corporation of India (FCI).

Noodles Manufacturing - FSSAI Permission and License

A food entrepreneur, involved in manufacturing of noodles, is required to register himself with FSSAI and get a license as per the requirements of his noodle manufacturing business.

Procedure for Food Imports in India

If an importer wants to import food products in India, he is required to apply for an FSSAI License. He would have to submit documents such as VAT certificates, Import - Export Code (IE code) with the food licensing authority.

Recommendations for a perfect Restaurant Design

An entrepreneur can have a perfect restaurant design if he concentrates on his customers, restaurant ambiance, healthy food and FSSAI license and permits.

Responsibilities of a Food Business Operator (FBO)

The primary responsibility of keeping the food safe and secure is that of the Food Business Operator (FBO). FSSAI and other Govt. agencies share the secondary responsibility ensuring the rule of law of the land.

Revision of Standards for Chocolates by FSSAI

FSSAI has specified the percentage terms and standards of additives like cocoa butter and vegetable fats to be mixed with chocolates for chocolate production in all ten categories of Chocolates available in the Indian market.

The Best Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Moms & Dads

There are numerous small business ideas that stay-at-home moms and dads can work on for their home-business. It could be a business of technology services, child care, tutoring, teaching, tailoring or repairs and crafts business.

Things to Remember for a Restaurant Startup

To turn a restaurant startup into a successful business, an entrepreneur need to be passionate about food and be able to negotiate with vendors, employees, merchandisers, distributors etc along with keeping an eye on the competitors.

How to manage FSSAI Audits

The inspections and audits of Food Business Operators (FBO) by FSSAI officials is a routine process and should not be worried about. An FBO need to have proper documentation of license and permits.

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