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Add/remove Director

It is event-based requirements for Companies registered under Companies Act, 2013. Whenever Company decide to add or remove the Director on its Board, it need to file form to Registrar of Company regarding the alteration of its Board Composition.

Register office address change

During registration of Company, it needs to provide registered office address. Meantime if entity want to change the same, need to put an application to Registrar of Company, as the case may be. Sign on to get hassle free solution.

Increase in Authorized Capital

It is need based compliance say whenever the company is willing to increase the capital base of company, required to increase the authorised capital by duly filing the required form to Registrar of Company.

Change In Share Capital

Whenever company make any further issue of its shares to shareholders, it required to file the share allotment form to Registrar of Company as compliance. Sign on to get free consultation and hassle-free execution of same.

Name Change

A company's name is its identity, embodying its core, beliefs, and dreams. It serves as stakeholders' and customers' initial impression, communicating credibility and intent. A carefully selected name aligns with the organization's purpose, showcasing its distinctiveness and guiding its future path.

Event based Compliance

Any kind of company related secretarial matter under Companies Act, 2013 required application to be made to registrar of company. Sign on for secretarial services.

Revival of Struck off Companies

Registrar of Company do periodically release the strike off or defunct company status as per the regulatory requirements. On which the concern party need to make revival application against such struck off companies.