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Stock Business

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Alternative Investment Funds Registration

Grant funding to various institution in accordance to applicable laws to scale products and services in the market, termed as Alternative investment funds. Get the process done with hassle free paper work in no time.

Investment Adviser Registration

Start your consultancy business legally with the permissions from SEBI to act as a advisor for various investment strategies or products. We take care of all of the other documentation, follow up with both the government, and other legalities.

Share Transfer Agent

To conduct the business of share transfer and register the entity should have valid license of registration. You need to aquire license to conduct the practice within the entity. Get the process done with hassle free paper work in no time.

Portfolio Manager Registration

License is required for security advisory activities in order to advise or manage the portfolio on behalf of clients. Get your portfolio manager license done today !

Stock Broker Registration

Platform where buy or sell stocks at the direction of client do happen required SEBI registration before starting a business. It offers public at large to do a trade in stock exchange e.g. Bombay stock exchage.

Merchant Banker Registration

Get merchant banker license to issue or manage stocks either by making arrangments regarding selling, buying or suscribing to securities or acting as manager | consultant. With us enjoy the benefits without having to go through the hassles normally involved.

Mutual Fund Business

Building a mutual fund takes time and experience, but it can provide an investor with lower fees and personal satisfaction. Start your mutual fund business and build funds as like SBI mutual fund. Get the process done with us us.

Collective Investment Scheme

Start your registration for collective investment scheme for pooling money from investors to turn it into an asset. And earn returns on the money so invested. Get the process done with hassle free paper work in no time.

Depository Participant Registration

To store or hold investment in form of debentures, bond & share certificate, the entity should aquire a valid license of Depository participant. Get the process done with hassle free paper work with us.

Foreign Portfolio Investor Registration

It is regulated or supervised by the securities market regulator or the banking regulator of the concerned foreign jurisdiction in order to faciliate the foreign people in National stock market of various portfolio.

KYC Registration Agency

Know Your Customer, enables stock market player and regulator to verify the identity of customers. Get KYC license to store and update identification of customer complying as per the SEBI guidliance.

Underwriter To An Issue

Make filing your Underwriting hassle-free using our service for underwriting a public issue of shares or debentures. Our professionals will handle the whole procedure for you.