Corpseed is dedicated to its customer satisfaction. Part of that dedication is to make sure that any dispute or argument a customer may have is resolved in a reasonable, realistic and planned manner. Our focus is to resolve any issue swiftly and to your satisfaction. To discuss the issue in detail, please make a call to our Customer Care Center at 9999008018 or write us at


In case if you are not satisfied with the resolution given by Corpseed executive, you may have your dispute resolved  by sending a Dispute notice to Corpseed top management, get Dispute Notice copy at  If still you are not satisfied with the resolution given by Corpseed management, you may have your dispute resolved through binding arbitration before the Indian Chamber of Commerce ("ICC"). Alternatively, you might file an action in small claims court. CorpSeed’s arbitration provision is available in both CorpSeed Terms of Use and Terms of Service.


Procedure to arbitrate a Claim against Corpseed ?

You can arbitrate a claim against CorpSeed by following below steps:

Before initiating any arbitration against Corpseed, you must first notify Corpseed about the dispute and get the issued resolved without approaching any arbitration, allow Corpseed a chance to resolve itwithout the interferenceof arbitration. You can download a copy of Dispute Notice form from our website( Details are given in Dispute Notice form for submission.

If we are not able to resolve your dispute to your satisfaction within 20 business days from the date when we received your first Notice of Dispute, you might start arbitration proceedings. Please keep a copy of any written settlement offers that we offered to you, but note that the amount of any settlement offer that you owe cannot be disclosed to the arbitrator until after the arbitrator has resolved the merits of your claim.

You can start the arbitration by submitting a Request for Arbitration, which covers basic details about the dispute, including: (a) Your Personal details. (b) A detailed description of the dispute; (c) A brief statement of the relief you are looking for. ICC form available on ICC website.

Unless we both (Corpseed and You) agree to have any arbitration hearings somewhere else, they will take place in the jurisdiction of Corpseed ITES Private Limited contact address. There are three types of hearing a) By Telephone b) By Person and c) Desk, you can choose any one as per your convenience.

Within 14 days from the conclusion of the in-person, telephone or desk hearing, the arbitrator will render a written decision. That decision will include the essential findings andconclusions on which the arbitrator based his or her award.

If the arbitrator not only give decision against you, but also rules that either the substance of your claim or the relief you requested in your Demand for Arbitration was either playful or brought for an improper purpose or cause, you will reimburse the total cost (Legal fee plus claim cost) to Corpseed.

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