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Private Limited to Public Limited

Conversion of existing private entity into public in order to go for public listing or other gain, here you can enjoy the hassle-free services and consultancy.

Partnership to LLP

Partnership is register at registrar of firm at state level whereas LLP is governed by LLP Act, 2008 and known for better transparency than partnership firm. You want to be more transparent and perform across the India as body corporate.

Partnership to Private Limited

Partnership firm is often standing for unlimited liability posted to partner of Partnership whereas adopting the form of Private Company, people can enjoy the corporate form on limited liability ownership with perpetual legal existence.

Proprietorship to LLP

One-man business to multi headed person collaboration to run the business as body corporate, transparent and wider scope required single person business to be converted into LLP. Sign on for hassle free solution.

Proprietorship to Partnership

Suppose you want to convert a Proprietorship Firm and enjoy the benefits of a Partnership Firm. In that case, Corpseed is happy to help by assisting you throughout this whole procreation process and exploring the world of a Partnership Firm

Proprietorship to Private Limited

Single person unlimited liability business to minimum two-person collaborative corporate business structure with limited liability is private limited company registered under Companies Act, 2013.

LLP to Private Limited Company

Conversion of LLP to Private Limited is shifting of existing LLP provision to Companies Act, 2013 provision. Can get hassle free solution for conversion. Sign up for services.

Private Limited to Section 8

When any private company drastically change its object from profit making to non-profit entity then it needs to file conversion application in order to get the non-profit making entity status as Section 8 Company. hassle free solutions.