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Intellectual Property

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International Trademark Registration

Getting an International Trademark is very important to secure your logo, brand name, or any other business identity. It will avoid any loss to your reputation, business or customers. Contact Corpseed to file an international trademark, we will assist you through the process and get your trademark registered internationally.


Creators creativity need to be protected undoubtedly. Therefor it is on creator hands to get its creation get protected and saved from any tampering or misuse of same. Let’s get hassle free copyright registration.

Patent Registration

In today’s fast paced world, where protection of intellectual property is supreme, one of the rightful ways to safeguard your innovations is by utilizing the use of patents. Let us understand the importance of patents and its significance.

Logo Design

Discover the importance of logo design in marketing and branding. Create a strong and recognizable identity with our expert guidance and services. Logo design is the crucial element of marketing and branding, aiming to create a solid and recognizable identity for your brand.

Trademark Registration

Business visibility and its uniqueness make it differ from crowd where most of business entity prefer to go for mark, design or logo to get registered on its name. Required trademark registration, get expert hand to make it possible.

Trademark Renewal

Trademark renewed every ten years by paying trademark renewal fees and application to the Registrar of Trademark Registry. It is advisable to renew the registered trademark on time or before three months of its expiry date. Get a hassle-free Trademark Renewal with Corpseed!

Trademark Rectification

If you make a mistake when applying for trademark registration, like a typo or a wrong colour in the logo or anything else, don't worry. You can fix it by applying for Trademark Rectification through Corpseed.

Trademark Class Finder

This service is provided to make the end user more confident and aware on the available trademark classes either goods or services. It helps end users to cater its product or say services to be rightly classified and place at the time of registration

Design Registration

Whatever design or logo been prepared or built for marking your business identification in long run then it needs to be registered from Intellectual Property Registrar Office.

MCD Health Trade License

Get your MCD health trade license hassle-free. Expert guidance and quick processing. Start your healthcare business today!

Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Layout Design (SICLD) Registration

The Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Layout Design Registry registration is valid for ten years after the date of registration, which can be further extended under certain circumstances.

Trademark Public Search

It should be the utmost priority of businesses to perform a Trademark Public Search before filing the Trademark Application. Corpseed helps you to perform a comprehensive national and international trademark search as well as to file the trademark application.