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Process of grant of Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) NOC for Domestic Water Boring/Tubewell


Introduction: Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) NOC

Many places in India are facing a water crisis, which has become a major problem for governments. The government’s own data states that residents in 22 out of 32 major cities have to deal with daily water shortages. As per NITI AYOG Report- Currently, 600 million Indians face high to extreme water stress, and about two lakh people die every year due to inadequate access to safe water. The crisis is only getting worse.

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By 2030, the country’s water demand is projected to be twice the available supply, implying severe water scarcity for hundreds of millions of people and an eventual 6% loss in the country’s GDP. As per the report of the National Commission for Integrated Water Resource Development, Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India the water requirement by 2050 in high use scenario is likely to be 1,180 BCM (Billion Cubic Meter), whereas the present-day availability is 695 BCM. The total availability of water possible in the country is still lower than this projected demand, at 1,137 BCM.

Thus, there is an imminent need to deepen our understanding of our water resources and usage and put in place interventions that make our water use efficient and sustainable. 

The National Institute for Transforming India (NITI) Aayog has developed the Composite Water Management Index (CWMI) to enable effective water management in Indian states in the face of this growing crisis. 

For more info click:- Composite Water Resources Management Index Report

The National Institute for Transforming India (NITI) Aayog report is expected to:

  • Establish a clear baseline and benchmark for state-level performance on key water indicators
  • Uncover and explain how states have progressed on water issues over time, including identifying high-performers and under-performers, thereby inculcating a culture of constructive competition among states 
  • Identify areas for deeper engagement and investment on the part of the states. Eventually, NITI Aayog plans to develop the index into a composite, national-level data management platform for all water resources in India. 

For effective and efficient water management, the Government of India established Central Ground Water Authority under sec 3(3) of the Environment Protection Act 1986, in pursuance of the order of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, it has been regulating groundwater development and management in the country.

Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) has defined guidelines for grant of No Objection Certificate (NOC) for Individual Household Purposes and for Infrastructure, Mining, and other Industrial Projects.

Drinking and Domestic Purposes:

All users drawing/ proposing to draw groundwater through non-energized means and pumps of up to 2 HP from a single tube well in their premises will be exempted from seeking NOC.  However, those drawing/ proposing to draw groundwater through pumps of higher HP (horsepower) and/ or through more than one functional tube well are required to seek NOC for groundwater withdrawal from Central Ground Water Board (CGWB).

Procedure for grant of CGWB NOC for Individual Household Purpose

Individual Households:-

Individual households and builder flats other than Group Housing Schemes will be eligible to apply for NOC under this category. In the case of builder flats in a single plot, anyone representative of all the flat owners can apply for NOC. NOC for groundwater Extraction shall be granted to Individual Households subject to the following conditions:-

  • Application for NOC to Central Ground Water Board (CGWB)
  • NOC for new wells shall be granted only in such cases where a public water supply system does not exist. Once the household is provided with a public water supply, it is mandatory on the part of the user to bring it to the notice of the Authorized Officer.
  • NOC shall not be granted for new tube-well/bore-well if any functional groundwater abstraction structure already exists in the household
  • The owner of the tube well shall undertake rainwater harvesting measures in accordance with the Building Bye-Laws/ State Government regulations in force. Alternatively, he/she will have to pay Water Conservation Fee in the State Governments Head of Account.
  • The NOC shall be valid for a period of 5 years from the date of issue or till such time public water supply is provided to the household, whichever is earlier. The applicant will have to apply for renewal of NOC at least 90 days prior to the expiry of its validity.
  • If the existing well becomes defunct within the validity period of NOC, the user can construct a replacement well and intimate online regarding the same within 30 days of construction of well. The defunct well shall be properly sealed.
  • The NOC shall become void in case of change in land use of the property/ water use. It will then become mandatory for the owner to apply afresh for NOC.

Other Conditions:-

  • Sale and supply of raw/unprocessed/untreated groundwater by unauthorized agencies for commercial use is not permitted
  • No application for NOC shall be entertained without referral letters from the statutory authority
  • The referral letter shall contain verification on the quantum of water for the industry/project with a detailed break up of groundwater consumption, recycle & reuse of the wastewater so that the wastage of the precious resource can be avoided. In case this is not given by the referral authority, the applicant should obtain a letter from the Industries Department/ Project Sanctioning Authority/ local municipal authority in urban areas on the same line
  • No permission would be required for withdrawal of groundwater from any area if withdrawal is done through non-energized means
  • The mandatory clause on rainwater harvesting may be relaxed in case of waterlogged/shallow water level (< 5 m bgl during post-monsoon or as per state policy) areas
  • Contaminated/ treated water shall not be used for recharge to groundwater. The treated water should be fully used by the proponent or any other agency, that can utilize it without contaminating the underlying aquifer/water bodies
  • The abstraction structure should be located inside the premises of the project property
  • The general guidelines for groundwater level monitoring and the construction of piezometers for this purpose must be satisfied.
  • The owner of the land/ premises, before taking any steps for constructing a bore well/ tube well must inform in writing the concerned authorities in the area, i.e., District Collector/ District Magistrate/ Sarpanch of the Gram Panchayat/ any other Statutory Authority/ concerned officers of the Department of Ground Water/ Public Health/ Municipal Corporation, as the case may be, about the construction of bore well/ tube well
  • Erection of the signboard at the time of construction near the well with the following details:-
  1. Complete the address of the drilling agency at the time of construction/ rehabilitation of the well.
  2. Complete address of the user agency/ owner of the well
  • Erection of barbed wire fencing or any other suitable barrier around the well during construction.
  • Construction of cement/ concrete platform measuring 0.50x0.50x0.60 meter (0.30 meter above ground level and 0.30 meter below ground level) around the good casing
  • In the case of pump repair, the tube well should not be left uncovered.

Renewal Of NOC ( No Objection Certificate)

  • After the expiry of the validity of NOC, it shall be renewed subject to compliance with the conditions mentioned in the NOC
  • Brief about the project such as location details, coordinates, google/top sheet maps, etc, demarcating the project area
  • Details of tub wells
  • Photographs of Project
  • Groundwater quality data of samples collected during April/ May and November for the tubewells/ borewells and piezometers constructed within the project area.
  • Monthly Water level data for the piezometers constructed within the project area

Extension of NOC (No Objection Certificate)

If the proponent is unable to construct tubewell/ tubewells as granted in the NOC during the validity period for some genuine reasons, the proponent will have to apply for an extension of NOC. Application for extension should be supported by documents justifying the reasons for the delay. Other conditions for grant of extension of NOC will be the same as those for fresh NOC. 

Extension of NOC will be granted by the Authorized Officer twice for a period of one year each. No further extension will be granted after the second extended year. In that case, the applicant will have to apply afresh for a grant of NOC.

Documents required for NOC

  • Proof of ownership of Households
  • Certificate from the water supply agency regarding
State Pollution Control Board (SPCB) NOC

Any business activity or an institution that generates, collects, receives, stores, treats, disposes, or handles any kind of industrial or commercial, or individual waste in any manner is required to acquire CTE and CTO from authorities.

CGWA Water Boring NOC | CGWA NOC

Central Ground Water Authority is resposible to regulate and control development and management of ground water resources in the country. Get your authorization and enjoy simple processing, fast updates, and, best of all, no hidden fees.

Building NOC

For construction of building, a person need to procure a building NOC which is a requisite to commence the construction of the building.

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