Convert Sole Proprietorship to a Private Limited

Basic Package

8000 8000 + Govt Fee
  • Name Search & approval
  • Digital Signature
  • DIN or DPIN
  • Filing for Incorporation & Conversion of Sole-proprietor to Private Limited Company
Note: - this package is for a Proprietorship with turnover less than 20 lakhs

Gold Package

9000 9000 + Govt Fee
  • Name Search & approval
  • Digital Signature
  • DIN or DPIN
  • Filing for Incorporation & Conversion of Sole-proprietor to Private Limited Company
  • Convert a Sole-proprietor to Private Limited Company
Note: - This package is for a Proprietorship with turnover less than Rs.50 lakhs

Platinum Package

10000 10000 + Govt Fee
  • Name Search & approval
  • Digital Signature
  • DIN or DPIN
  • Filing for Incorporation & Conversion of Sole-proprietor to Private Limited Company
Note: - This package is for a Proprietorship with turnover less than Rs.1 Cr.

What is procedure to Convert Proprietorship to a Private Limited Company

Converting your sole proprietorship into a Private limited company is often a wise decision. Changing your existing structure of Sole proprietorship to a private limited company might help you to expand your business reach, have better access to various sources of financing, protect your personal assets, manage your liabilities, enjoy tax incentives and benefits given by Govt., attract more investors and approach quality talent for your company.

In order to convert your Sole Proprietorship business structure into a Private Limited Company structure, an agreement has to be executed between the Proprietorship and the newly formed Private Limited company for the sale of the business. The Private Limited Company so incorporated must have “the takeover of a Sole Proprietorship Concern” as one of the objectives in its MoA. Benefits of a Private Limited incorporation are as follow.

  1. Separate legal entity
  2. Fewer Liabilities as compared to Sole Proprietorship
  3. Tax Benefits
  4. Unlimited reach to Capital
  5. Less administrative burdens
  6. More market credibility  

Corpseed procedure for Conversion

Step 1: - Contact Corpseed team, provide necessary documents to begin the process of conversion.

Step 2: - We will assign an expert executive to process your request for conversion.

Step 3: -  We will help you to obtain DCS and DIN.

Step 4: - We will verify your company name and get necessary name approvals.

Step 5: - We will draft all mandatory documents and submit your application to ROC.

Step 6: - Once your company is incorporated, we will send you all the documents and DSC’s.

Note: - Whole conversion process takes between 25-30 days and also depends upon documents provided by applicant and approval speed by the government

Requirements & Conditions for Conversion

Basic conditions for Conversion

  • All the assets and the liability of the Sole Proprietorship becomes the assets and the liability of the newly formed company
  • The shareholding of the sole proprietor in the private limited company must be more than 50% of the total voting power in the company and his shareholding remain same for next 5 years from the date of the succession

Requirements for Conversion

  • Must have minimum 2 Shareholders for Private Limited Company Registration
  • Must have Minimum 2 Directors
  • DIN is mandatory for all Directors

Three Easy Steps for Conversion

  • Connect to Corpseed
  • Provide necessary documents required for converting Sole Proprietorship to Private Limited
  • Our expert CA will help you to concert your Sole Proprietorship to Private Limited

Benefits & Documents Required for Private Limited Company

Benefits of Private Limited Company

  1. Shields personal assets from business liability, limits liabilities of Directors
  2. The Private Limited Company (Pvt. Ltd) continues to exist even after the death of the Shareholder
  3. Open doors to raise capital from a venture capitalist, angel investor, financial institutions 
  4. Creates brand value as Private limited structure is more transparent compared to other business structures
  5. Ownership gets transferred by just transferring shares
  6. Private Limited Company is a unique identity and can own/acquire and alienate, property in its name. Property owned could be anything like copyrights, patents, machinery, building, intangible assets, land, residential property, factory etc.

Documents Required

  • Copy of PAN Card of the Directors
  • Passport size photograph of Directors
  • Copy of Property papers (If owned property)
  • Landlord NOC (Format will be provided).
  • Copy of Aadhaar Card/ Voter identity card
  • Copy of Rent agreement (If rented property)
  • Electricity/ Water bill (Business Place)

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