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EPR Authorization for Electrical and Electronic Typewriters

EPR  for Electrical and Electronic Typewriters is compulsory and the producers shall get the EPR Registration from the CPCB. The E-waste Management Rules prescribe these compliances.

EPR Authorization for Mainframes and Mini Computers

Centralised data processing units are classified as e-waste. Mainframes and Mini Computers are part of this category. The producers need to recycle these products as per the established procedure.

EPR Authorization for Personal Computers

These are the central processing units with the input and output devices. These devices are Personal Computers and codified as ITEW2 under the E-Waste Management Rules.

EPR Authorization for Laptop Computers

Laptop Computers are portable counterparts of personal computers while personal computers are the more user-friendly counterparts of mini computers.

EPR Authorization for Notebook Computers

Notebook computers are similar to those of laptop computers. The name denotes a notebook-like shape and reading experience.

EPR Authorization for Notepad Computers

The producers of Notepad Computers also require to comply with all EPR-related regulations. They need to get EPR Authorisation for Notepad Computers.

EPR Authorization for Printers Including Cartridges

EPR guidelines from the EPR Authorisation for Printers and Cartridges to the compliance and fulfilment of EPR obligation under the E-Waste Management Rules of 2022.

EPR Authorization for Copying Equipment

The copying equipment is used on a large scale in the country. These are mainly used in the education sector for copying the study material.

EPR Authorization for User Terminal and Systems

These are computer systems that fall under e-waste and are classified as information technology equipment. The producers of these systems should obtain EPR Authorisation for terminals and systems.

EPR Authorization for Facsimile

Most offices use this machine to copy a document from one place to another. The other name for this device is Fax. Facsimiles are also classified under e-waste and codified as ITEW10.

EPR Authorization for Telex

This equipment was very helpful in past to transmit text messages from one place to another but now became obsolete in the presence of more advanced communication methods.

EPR Authorization for Telephones

We use telephones to communicate over the wires between two far-located places. They also need electricity to work and hence the E-Waste Management Rules categorise them as e-waste.

EPR Authorization for Pay Telephones

Pay Telephones use electricity for their operation and hence qualify for the category of electronic products. Under the E-Waste Management Rules of 2022, they are classified under information technology equipment with the code ITEW14.

EPR Authorization for Cordless Telephones

The producers of these phones need to obtain EPR Registration for cordless telephones from the Central Pollution Control Board before manufacturing and distributing the product in the market.

EPR Authorization for Cellular Telephones

EPR Authorisation for Cellular Telephones plays a very significant role to protect the environment from various toxic materials used in the manufacturing of these Telephones.

EPR Authorization for Answering System

They need to get EPR Authorisation for Answering System before production and recycle, refurbish or dispose of the waste generated from them later on.

EPR Authorization for Products or Equipment of Transmitting Sound, Images or Other Information by Telecommunications

They need to get EPR registration for products or equipment transmitting sound images or other information by telecommunication before manufacturing, sale and distribution of such products.

EPR Authorization for BTS All Components Excluding Structure of Tower

If you manufacture this equipment, you need to get EPR Authorisation for BTS (Base Transceiver Station) to sell and distribute these devices in the country.

EPR Authorization for Tablets and iPad

Tablets and I-Pads are the most advanced devices in this category which we use for telecommunication. These are classified as electrical and electronic equipment in the information technology and telecommunication equipment category with code ITEW19.

EPR Authorization for Phablet

Phablets are also tablets but with the added functionality of a telephone. These devices have the size of a tablet and the functionality of a phone hence called the phablet.

EPR Authorization for Scanners

Scanners are also electronic devices with various electrical components. This is why the list of electrical and electronic equipment contains them for e-waste rules.

EPR Authorization for Routers

Routers also fall under the purview of E-Waste Management Rules. The router is a device that we use to access the internet at home and offices.

EPR Authorization for GPS (Global Positioning System)

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It is an electronic device that used electrical components and generates e-waste at the end of life.

EPR Authorization for UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

EPR Authorization for UPS is required for all the producers and manufacturers who make and distribute UPS. UPS gives a computer system an alternate power source for emergency cases.

EPR Authorization for Inverter

EPR Authorization for the inverter is mandatory to manufacture and sell them in the market because they are electronic device and generates e-waste at the end of the product’s life.

EPR Authorization for Modems

These are classified as electronic and electrical devices under the E-Waste Management Rules of 2022. EPR Authorization for the modems is mandatory for businesses dealing in modems.

EPR Authorization for Electronic Data Storage Devices

The producers need EPR Authorization for Electronic and Storage Devices if they are manufacturing and selling these products.

EPR Authorization for Television Sets

These are electronic devices that fall under e-waste and are classified as Consumer Electrical and Electronics. The producers of these devices should obtain EPR Authorization for Television Sets.

EPR Authorization for Refrigerator

EPR Authorization for Refrigerators not only permits the producers regarding the manufacturing and sell of their products but also works as a guarantee from the producers that they will manage the e-waste generated from their old discarded refrigerators.

EPR Authorization for Washing Machine

EPR Authorization for Washing Machine is compulsory for producers, manufacturers, recyclers and refurbishes.

EPR Authorization for Air Conditioners (Excluding Centralized AC Plants)

We use Air Conditioner to maintain the room temperature as needed. These devices are very useful in summer. They need electricity to work and hence the E-Waste Management Rules categories them as e-waste.

EPR Authorization for Fluorescent and Other Mercury-Containing Lamp

These are the light bulbs that use low-pressure mercury vapour gas in a phosphor-coated case. When powered, this vapour generates ultraviolet radiation and causes the phosphor-coated layer to glow.

EPR Authorization for Screen, Electronic Photo frames, Electronic Display Panel, Monitors

The producers of these screens and panels need to obtain EPR Registration for Screen, e-Photo Frames, e-Display Panel and Monitors from the CPCB before manufacturing and distributing these products in the market.

EPR Authorization for Radio Sets

EPR Authorization for Radio Sets plays a very significant role to protect the environment from various harmful materials used in the manufacturing of these devices.

EPR Authorization for Set Top Boxes

They need to get EPR Authorization for Set-top boxes before production and thereafter recycle, refurbish or dispose of the waste generated from them.

EPR Authorization for Video Cameras

These devices also fall under e-waste and it covers all devices that have a video camera built-in. If a product qualifies for this category of electronics then its producer needs to fulfil the EPR responsibilities for the Video Cameras.

EPR Authorization for Video Recorders

Video Recorders are capable of recording a scene in video format. The companies manufacture and sell them in various models with many different features.

EPR Authorization for Hi-Fi Recorders

Hi-Fi stands for High fidelity and Hi-Fi recorders record extremely high-quality audio. These are classified under the Consumer Electricals and Electronics category of Electrical and Electronic Equipment with code CEEW11.

EPR Authorization for Audio Amplifiers

Audio Amplifiers boost the volume of an audio file and play it with adjustable amplification. They are operated on electricity and contain electric components that are not good for a healthy environment.

EPR Authorization for Other Products or Equipment for the Purpose of Recording or Reproducing Sound or Images, Signals and Other Technologies for the Distribution of Sound and Images by Telecommunications

This category includes any other devices that also have similar functionality to record and reproduce sound and images like video cameras, video recorders, sound recorders and sound amplifiers.

EPR Authorization for Solar Panels or Cells, Solar Photovoltaic Panels or Cells or Modules

Solar Panels and Solar Photovoltaic Cells also fall under the purview of E-Waste Management Rules. This equipment converts solar energy into electric energy which is further usable by any electric equipment.

EPR Authorization for Luminaires for Fluorescent Lamps excluding Luminaires in Households

Luminaires for Fluorescent Lamps are equipment that contains one or more lamps and generally has a fancy decoration.

EPR Registration for High-Intensity Discharge Lamps, Pressure Sodium Lamps and Metal Halide Lamps

There are various kinds of lamps. This category of Consumer Electricals and Electronics contains High-Intensity Discharge Lamps, Pressure Sodium Lamps and Metal Halide Lamps with the code CEEW16.

EPR Authorization for Low-Pressure Sodium Lamps

The Low-Pressure Sodium Lamps are classified under Consumer Electricals and Electronics category with the Electrical and Electronic Equipment code CEEW17.

EPR Authorization for Other Lighting or Equipment for the Purpose of Spreading or Controlling Light excluding Filament Bulbs

The producers need EPR Authorisation for other lighting equipment that we use to spread and control the light if they are manufacturing and selling these products.

EPR Authorization for Digital Camera

Digital Camera is a portable device that we use to click pictures in digital format which are transferable to other devices through digital media.

EPR Authorization for Large Cooling Appliances

EPR Authorisation for Large Cooling Appliances helps our environment to stay free from toxic and harmful substances which are part of the components of these electronic devices.

EPR Authorization for Freezers

Freezers are appliances used for storing and preserving perishable items at low temperatures. These machines are made to make things really cold and keep them that way.

EPR Authorization for Other Large Appliances Used for Refrigeration, Conservation and Storage of Food

In this category, all those items are included which for any reason are excluded from the LSEEW1 and LSEEW2.

EPR Authorization for Clothes Dryers

Cloth dryers, also known as clothes dryers or tumble dryers, are appliances used to remove moisture from freshly washed clothes and dry them efficiently.

EPR Authorization for Dish Washing Machines

Dishwashing machines, also known as dishwashers, are appliances designed to clean and sanitize dishes, utensils, and other kitchenware.

EPR Authorization for Electric Cookers

Electric cookers are appliances that use electricity to generate heat and cook food. They consist of heating elements, typically located on the top or bottom of the appliance, that produce high temperatures for cooking purposes.

EPR Authorization for Electric Stoves

An electric stove is a kitchen appliance that uses electricity to generate heat for cooking. It typically consists of one or more heating elements, such as coils or smooth ceramic surfaces, that become hot when electricity passes through them.

EPR Authorization for Electric Hot Plates

Electric hot plates are portable cooking devices that use electricity to generate heat for cooking. They consist of a flat heating surface made of metal or ceramic, which becomes hot when electricity flows through it.

EPR Authorization for Microwave Oven

Microwaves are kitchen appliances that use electromagnetic waves to heat and cook food quickly. They work by generating microwaves that cause water molecules in the food to vibrate, producing heat.

EPR Authorization for Other Large Food Appliances

This category includes all those appliances that are used to cook or process food and are not covered in the above categories. These are electronic appliances and are based on electricity.

EPR Authorization for Electric Heating Appliances

Electric heating appliances utilise electricity to generate heat for various purposes. These appliances include electric heaters, heat pumps, and radiant heaters, among others.

EPR Authorization for Electric Radiators

Electric radiators are devices that use electricity to heat a space by transferring thermal energy through convection and radiation.

EPR Authorization for Other Large Appliances for Heating

This category encompasses large appliances used for heating purposes that are not covered by specific descriptions. These things can be electric furnaces, things that exchange heat, and other stuff like that.

EPR Authorization for Electric Fans

Electric fans are appliances that use electricity to create airflow, providing cooling and ventilation in indoor spaces.

EPR Authorization for Other Fanning, Exhaust Ventilation and Conditioning Equipment

This group consists of different machines that are used to create air movement, get rid of bad air, and control temperature.

EPR Authorization for Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are machines we use at home to clean floors, carpets, and other things. They work by sucking up dirt, dust, and trash from surfaces.

EPR Authorization for Carpet Sweepers

Carpet sweepers are manual or electric devices used for cleaning carpets and other floor surfaces. They are designed to remove dust, debris, and small particles from the carpet fibres.

EPR Authorization for Other Appliances for Cleaning

This category encompasses appliances used for cleaning purposes that are not covered in previous descriptions. It includes various electronic cleaning devices such as floor polishers, steam cleaners, and pressure washers.

EPR Authorization for Appliances Used for Textile Processing

Appliances used for textile processing are the devices used to maintain textiles. Some examples are washing machines, dryers etc.

EPR Authorization for Iron and Other Appliances for Ironing, Mangling and Other Care of Clothing

Ironing appliances are essential for maintaining clothing. These appliances including cloth irons and garment steamers are designed to remove wrinkles and creases from garments which enhance their appearance and overall quality.

EPR Authorization for Grinders, Coffee Machines and Equipment for Opening or Sealing Containers

Equipment involved in food preparation like grinders, coffee machines and seal openers are classified in this category. These are electronic products that produce e-waste at their end-of-life disposal.

EPR Authorization for Smoke Detector

A smoke Detector is an electronic device which is used to sense smoke. They are typically installed on-premises to sense smoke as a signal of a possible fire emergency.

EPR Authorization for Heating Regulators

Heating Regulators are electronic devices that are designed to control temperature in equipment that uses a heating element. Heating Regulators are able to maintain a set temperature.

EPR Authorization for Thermostats

Thermostats are another kind of electronic device which has the capability of sensing the temperature of a system and accordingly managing it in the same situation by regulating the temperature as and when needed.

EPR Authorization for Automatic Dispensers for Hot Drinks

Automatic Dispensers for Hot Drinks are the devices used to deliver hot beverages without manual effort. They are widely used when there are multiple people to serve.

EPR Authorization for Automatic Dispensers for Hot or Cold Bottles or Cans

Automatic Dispensers for Bottles and Cans are the devices used to deliver hot and cold beverages in a bottle or can without the use of manpower.

EPR Authorization for Automatic Dispensers for Solid Products

Automatic Dispensers for Solid Products are electrical and electronic equipment used to deliver solid products to customers saving manpower.

EPR Authorization for Automatic Dispensers for Money

Automatic Dispensers for Money are also qualified as electrical and electronic equipment. They use electricity as a power source and contain components that may be harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly.

EPR Authorization for All Appliances Which Deliver Automatically all Kinds of Products

Apart from the above-mentioned dispensers, there are some other devices too which deliver goods in the same manner based on an electrically powered mechanic.

EPR Authorization for Indoor Air Purifier

Indoor Air Purifiers are electronic devices that purify indoor air like in a room or hall by removing the contaminants from air.

EPR Authorization for Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer is an electronic device which is used for hairdressing. It is a handheld device which blows hot air. This is powered by electricity and uses electronic components that may be harmful to nature.

EPR Authorization for Electric Shaver

Electric Shaver is an electronic device, popularly known as a trimmer. It is widely used by men for beard trimming. Electric Shaver runs on electricity and comes in both variants- battery-based and direct electric power based.

EPR Authorization for Electric Kettle

Electric Kettle is an electronic device that is used to boil liquids like water, tea, milk etc. This device runs on electricity and uses electrical components that may be harmful to the environment.

EPR Authorization for Electronic Display Panels

Electronic display panels, boards and other units are widely used in advertising. You can notice them easily at public places like metro stations and markets.

EPR Authorization for Drills

Drills are used to make holes in the walls, wood and like purposes. Drills run on electricity and use a fast-moving drill to pierce through the material you want to make a hole in.

EPR Authorization for Saws

A saw is a sharp piece of equipment which is used to cut raw material in such a shape to make it usable as intended.

EPR Authorization for Sewing Machines

Sewing machines are used to sew clothes and other materials which can be cut in a particular shape and given a purpose of usage after strategically sewing the same.

EPR Authorization for Various Equipment for Processing of Wood, Metal and Other Materials

The fourth category in the electrical and electronic tools includes various equipment that are used to process various types of material including wood, metal etc.

EPR Authorization for Tools for Riveting, Nailing or Screwing or Removing Rivets, Nails, Screws or Similar Uses

Riveting, Nailing and Screwing tools are used to perform various mechanical activities. These devices run on electricity and contribute to the e-waste accumulation which has to be dealt with due care and caution to ensure environmental health and public safety.

EPR Authorization for Tools for Welding, Soldering, or Similar Use

Some electrical tools are used for welding and soldering. The basic object of these tools is to connect two elements together using the heat generated through electricity.

EPR Authorization for Equipment for Spraying, Spreading, Dispersing or Other Treatment of Liquid or Gaseous Substance by Other Mans

Equipment that is manufactured to use the liquid or gaseous matter in a certain way using electric power is categorised in this section coded as EETW7.

EPR Authorization for Tools for Mowing or Other Gardening Activities

Mowing and gardening tools are used to maintain a garden and perform day-to-day activities relating to the land and plantation.

EPR Authorization for Electrical Trains or Car Racing Sets

Electric trains and car racing sets are toys, leisure and sports equipment that run on electricity and produce e-waste at the end of their life.

EPR Authorization for Handheld Video Game Consoles

If you are producing handheld video game consoles, you need to ensure that you are manufacturing the same according to the rules and restrictions imposed by the e-waste management rules of 2022.

EPR Authorization for Video Games

Video Games are electronic devices made for kids to play games on. They come in various designs and models to fulfil the needs of different consumers.

EPR Authorization for Computers for Biking, Diving, Running, and Rowing

These devices are electrical and electronic equipment and are required to get the EPR Authorisation for Computers for Biking, Diving, Running, and Rowing.

EPR Authorization for Sports Equipment with Electric or Electronic Components

Sports Equipment with electrical and electronic components are also classified as TLSEW5 under the e-waste management rules of 2022..

EPR Authorization for Coin Slot Machines

EPR Authorization for Coin Slot Machines are a way to use for entertainment purposes. These machines let people play a short game by putting in a coin.

EPR Authorization for Radiotherapy Equipment and Accessories

This category in medical devices includes various equipment related to radiotherapy. These tools may be of different kinds and used for different purposes but being the same at core, they are placed in the same category.

EPR Authorization for Dialysis Equipment and Accessories

Dialysis is a process in medical science which is used to purify blood. Equipment related to this process is called Dialysis Equipment and is used with related accessories.

EPR Authorization for Pulmonary Ventilators and Accessories

Pulmonary Ventilators help with breathing for patients having breathing problems. These medical devices are powered by electricity and constitute e-waste at the end of their life.

EPR Authorization for Nuclear Medicine Equipment and Accessories

Nuclear medicine is a medical discipline that employs radiopharmaceuticals, which are radioactive tracers, to evaluate bodily functions, and diagnose and manage diseases.

EPR Authorization for Laboratory Equipment for in Vitro Diagnosis and Accessories

In vitro diagnostic devices are the laboratory equipment that is used to test the samples collected from the human body to identify diseases to start proper treatment for the same.

EPR Authorization for Analysers and Accessories

Analysers are used by doctors and hospitals. They run on electric power and contain electric circuits and contribute to e-waste accumulation at the end of their life span.

EPR Authorization for MRI, PET Scanner, CT Scanner and Ultrasound Equipment and Accessories

The producers need to get EPR Authorisation for MRI, PET Scanner, CT Scanner and Ultrasound Machines to sell these devices in the market otherwise the circulation of these products will be against the e-waste management rules.

EPR Authorization for Fertilization Test Equipment and Accessories

The pieces of equipment, which are used to perform fertilisation tests are categorised in this category. These devices work on electricity and are called electrical and electronic devices.

EPR Authorization for Other Electric Diagnostic Equipment

If there is any other electrical and electronic equipment of a diagnostic nature including mobiles, tablets, with features having the potential of sex selection are categorised in this category along with their related accessories.

EPR Authorization for Gas Analyser

Gas Analyser is used to measure the availability of gas and provides relevant statistics for the research, development and decision-making in various industries.

EPR Authorization for Equipment having Electrical and Electronic Components

This category covers various lab equipment that uses electricity to operate. All these devices used in a laboratory are considered e-waste at the end of their life when their intended use is over.