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EPR Authorization for Telephones

EPR Authorization for TelephonesEPR Authorization is mandatory for Telephones

Category: EPR Authorization

Product Code: ITEW12

We use telephones to communicate over the wires between two far-located places. They also need electricity to work and hence the E-Waste Management Rules categorise them as e-waste. Like any other E-Waste, Central Pollution Control Board and State Pollution Control Boards monitor the manufacturing, distribution, refurbishment and recycling of telephones. All these parties dealing with this type of e-waste need to get EPR registration for Telephones. CPCB authorise them for the production and circulation of telephones in the market on the condition that they will take care of the e-waste generated at the end-of-life of the telephones and contribute to having a cleaner and healthier environment. The CPCB prescribes a target for the producers to fulfil every year based on the production capacity of the producer and circulated products in the market.

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