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EPR Authorization for Radio Sets

EPR Registration for Radio SetsEPR Authorization is mandatory for Radio Sets

Category: EPR Authorization

Product Code: CEEW7

EPR Authorization for Radio Sets plays a very significant role to protect the environment from various harmful materials used in the manufacturing of these devices. Radio Sets play audio and we use them for entertainment, infotainment and news listening etc. The producers of Radio Sets need to obtain permission from the CPCB before circulating these products in the market. This permission is EPR Authorization for Radio Sets which is compulsory for all the related producers, manufacturers, recyclers and refurbishes. After the rise of new mediums of entertainment and information sharing in the country, discarded radio sets increased exponentially because people shifted to newer versions very quickly. Under EPR guidelines, producers have the responsibility to manage this e-waste and remove it from circulation. Recyclers can extract useful raw materials from these old Radio Sets that will support sustainable development through their use in new products.

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