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EPR Authorization for Dialysis Equipment and Accessories

EPR Registration for Dialysis Equipment and AccessoriesEPR Authorization is mandatory for Dialysis Equipment and Accessories

Category: EPR Authorization

Product Code: MDW3

Dialysis is a process in medical science which is used to purify blood. Equipment related to this process is called Dialysis Equipment and is used with related accessories. These instruments work on electricity and contribute to the e-waste after expiry or damage. Producers, manufacturers or importers need to get EPR Registration for Dialysis Equipment and Accessories. These producers also need to fulfil EPR compliance on an annual basis. They receive EPR targets based on their production of the last financial year. These targets encourage the producers to take timely actions and recycle e-waste which is accumulated through the circulation of new products in the market. The EPR regime promotes a circular economy and is the backbone of a sustainable future.

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