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EPR Authorization for Copying Equipment

EPR Registration for Copying EquipmentEPR Authorization is mandatory for Copying Equipment

Category: EPR Authorization

Product Code: ITEW7

The copying equipment is used on a large scale in the country. These are mainly used in the education sector for copying the study material. The E-Waste Management Rules of 2022 categorise them as information technology and telecommunication equipment. These items are codified as ITEW7 and the producers of copying equipment need to get EPR Authorisation under e-waste rules. EPR Authorisation for Copying Equipment authorise the producers to distribute it in the market and at the same time it obliges the producer to take it back from the market after the end-of-life of this product. If we recycle copying equipment in an environmentally safe and sound manner, it will contribute towards the development of a circular economy.

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