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EPR Authorization for Solar Panels or Cells, Solar Photovoltaic Panels or Cells or Modules

EPR Registration for Solar Panels or Cells Solar Photovoltaic Panels or Cells or Modules CorpseedEPR Authorization is mandatory for Solar Panels or Cells, Solar Photovoltaic Panels or Cells or Modules

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Solar Panels and Solar Photovoltaic Cells also fall under the purview of E-Waste Management Rules. This equipment converts solar energy into electric energy which is further usable by any electric equipment. They are a great alternative to conventional energy sources and are used by industries and households on a very large scale. The only drawback is that this equipment constitutes e-waste at the end of its life span which has to be managed in an environmentally-friendly manner.

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The manufacturers, importers and producers of these solar panels and cells, photovoltaic panels and cells need to fulfil their EPR obligations based on their productions of the past year. They need to obtain EPR Authorization for Solar Panels or Cells and Solar Photovoltaic Panels or Cells online through the online portal of the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). The authorisation or the EPR Registration also comes with its conditions known as EPR Annual Compliances. The producers need to recycle the e-waste and complete their EPR target every year.

The EPR compliances for solar panels or cells include annual reporting of the produced photovoltaic panels, cells, modules and recycled e-waste. This data is crucial as it is used by the CPCB to find any discrepancies and catch the wrongdoers so the data has to be correct and misrepresentation of such data will lead to penalties. It is crucial for businesses to adhere to EPR compliance as it helps avoid any penalties that may be incurred due to non-compliance. Furthermore, non-compliance can cause harm to our natural environment, posing a significant threat to public health and safety. Recycling is the key to sustainable development and the lack of the same will put a burden on our planet's limited resources. Therefore, it is important to have proper e-waste processing to prevent these negative consequences.