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EPR Authorization for Printers Including Cartridges

EPR Registration for Printers Including CartridgesEPR Authorization is mandatory for Printers Including Cartridges

Category: EPR Authorization

Product Code: ITEW6

This category is codified as ITEW6 and contains the printers and their cartridges. There are many types of these printers. For example, the laser printer and the inkjet printers. The cartridges are also available in the market in various types and sizes. All these items and their components generate e-waste and the producers of such items shall follow the EPR guidelines from the EPR Authorisation for Printers and Cartridges to the compliance and fulfilment of EPR obligation under the E-Waste Management Rules of 2022. The recycling and refurbishing of these products are necessary for a cleaner and healthier environment and to sustain the limited resources of this planet for a longer time.

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