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EPR Authorization for Analysers and Accessories

EPR Registration for Analysers and AccessoriesEPR Authorization is mandatory for Analysers and Accessories

Category: EPR Authorization

Product Code: MDW7

Analysers are used by doctors and hospitals. They run on electric power and contain electric circuits and contribute to e-waste accumulation at the end of their life span. These are categorised as electrical and electronic equipment under the e-waste management rules which make it mandatory for the producers, importers and manufacturers to get EPR Registration for Aanlysers and Accessories from the Central Pollution Control Board. The EPR Authorisation for analysers and related accessories is provided by CPCB through a centralised e-waste portal. After the registration, the producers also need to fulfil the EPR compliances for the products circulated by them in the market in the previous financial year. They get an EPR target to recycle the e-waste and if they fail to do so, a penalty is incurred on them. These regulations assist the country in moving on the path of sustainable development.

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