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EPR Authorization for Clothes Dryers

EPR Registration for Clothes Dryers CorpseedEPR Authorization is mandatory for Clothes Dryers

Category: EPR Authorization

Product Code: LSEEW4

Cloth dryers, also known as clothes dryers or tumble dryers, are appliances used to remove moisture from freshly washed clothes and dry them efficiently. They work by tumbling the clothes in a heated drum while circulating warm air through the garments. This process helps to evaporate the water content, reducing the drying time compared to air drying. The Clothes Dryer manufacturers register themselves at the web portal of CPCB and obtain EPR Authorisation for Cloth Dryers to keep their business running. EPR Authorisation allows you to produce and sell Cloth Dryers but also obliges you to manage the e-waste caused by your products. In this manner, the producers refurbish or recycle the e-waste which relieves our limited resources and helps to grow us sustainably. The producers also get benefit from the recycling as it gets adjusted towards their EPR obligation.

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