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EPR Authorization for Personal Computers

EPR Registration for Personal Computers CorpseedEPR Authorization is mandatory for Personal Computers

Category: EPR Authorization

Product Code: ITEW2

These are the central processing units with the input and output devices. These devices are Personal Computers and codified as ITEW2 under the E-Waste Management Rules. The makers of these products need to fulfil their EPR targets as set by the production of personal computers in recent years. The producer needs to get the EPR Authorisation for Personal Computers and recycle the e-waste generated from these products at the end of their life. He should only use registered recyclers and recycle the same quantity as the number of produced personal computers in recent years. End-of-life disposal is necessary for the environment as this e-waste contains various toxic substances which can pollute the environment if exposed to air, water or soil.

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