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EPR Authorization for Pay Telephones

EPR Registration for Pay Telephones EPR Authorization is mandatory for Pay Telephones

Category: EPR Authorization

Product Code: ITEW13

These are also telephones but with a tweak. These are not for homes and offices but for public places. They work on pay to talk basis. The customer needs to put in the coin or make the payment with a card swipe to use pay-telephones. Pay-phone is just another name for this device. Pay Telephones use electricity for their operation and hence qualify for the category of electronic products. Under the E-Waste Management Rules of 2022, they are classified under information technology equipment with the code ITEW14. EPR Authorisation for Pay Telephone is compulsory if you are producing these devices, manufacturing, recycling and refurbishing pay telephones. Being an electronic device, pay telephones also contain some metals, minerals, and other substances that may cause harm to the environment. This is why pollution control boards continuously monitor the e-waste generated from pay telephones.

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