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EPR Authorization for Sewing Machines

EPR Registration for Sewing MachinesEPR Authorization is mandatory for Sewing Machines

Category: EPR Authorization

Product Code: EETW3

Sewing machines are used to sew clothes and other materials which can be cut in a particular shape and given a purpose of usage after strategically sewing the same. Sewing machines run on electricity and hence are classified as e-waste at the end of their life. The producers, manufacturers, and importers of electric sewing machines need to obtain prior permission from the Central Pollution Control Board to sell their products in the market. This prior permission is called EPR Authorisation which allows the stakeholders to undertake activities that affect the e-waste circulation in the market. The EPR Registration for Sewing Machines also comes with conditions that are called compliances and the producers need to fulfil the same on an annual basis. These compliances are of utmost importance as they ensure the waste is properly disposed of and the environment remains clean from pollutants and harmful substances.

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