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EPR Authorization for Tools for Mowing or Other Gardening Activities

EPR Registration for Tools for Mowing or Other Gardening ActivitiesEPR Authorization is mandatory for Tools for Mowing or Other Gardening Activities

Category: EPR Authorization

Product Code: EETW8

Mowing and gardening tools are used to maintain a garden and perform day-to-day activities relating to the land and plantation. The electrical counterparts of these tools are widely used to maintain large gardens and the same is regulated under the e-waste management rules of 2022. The producers need to register themselves at the CPCB portal before they can undertake the production of Mowing and Gardening Tools. EPR Authorisation for Mowing and Gardening Tools is required to distribute these products in the market. The producers also need to recycle the e-waste based on their last year’s production to fulfil the EPR compliance attached to the EPR Registration they got to sell their products in the market. It helps regulating authorities keep track of the e-waste circulation in the country for better management and proper disposal at the end of their life.

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