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EPR Authorization for Saws

EPR Registration for SawsEPR Authorization is mandatory for Saws

Category: EPR Authorization

Product Code: EETW2

A saw is a sharp piece of equipment which is used to cut raw material in such a shape to make it usable as intended. This is available in various types based on the target material to cut including, wall, iron, wood etc. It runs on electricity and hence contains an electrical circuit which creates e-waste at the end of its life. Such e-waste has to be dealt with due care and caution to dispose of it in an environmentally safe and sound manner. Producers of Saws are required to obtain EPR Authorisation for Saws before they can sell their products in the market. Such restriction ensures the saws produced are tracked efficiently and the necessary steps are taken by the producers to manage the e-waste produced by their products to achieve the goals of sustainable development.

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