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EPR Authorization for Facsimile

EPR Authorization for FacsimileEPR Authorization is Mandatory for Facsimile

Category: EPR Authorization

Product Code: ITEW10

Most offices use this machine to copy a document from one place to another. The other name for this device is Fax. Facsimiles are also classified under e-waste and codified as ITEW10. The producers and manufacturers can not develop and sell these devices in the market without taking EPR Authorisation from the Central Pollution Control Board. EPR Authorisation for Facsimile not only permits the producers regarding the manufacturing and sale of their products but also works as a guarantee from the producers that they will manage the e-waste generated from their sold items. The producers need to recycle, refurbish or dispose of any mineral, metal or other substances used in this equipment to keep the environment free from their negative impact.

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