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EPR Authorization for Washing Machine

EPR Authorization for Washing MachineEPR Authorization is mandatory for Washing Machine

Category: EPR Authorization

Product Code: CEEW3

Most households own this electronic device which we use to wash clothes. Washing Machine makes it easier to wash clothes, especially for those who are not able to do this job because of any kind of physical inability. The producers, and manufacturers of Washing Machine need to register at the CPCB portal before they can ship their products in the market. Washing Machine is classified as E-waste and codified as CEEW3 in the Consumer Electricals and Electronics category. EPR Authorization for Washing Machine is compulsory for producers, manufacturers, recyclers and refurbishes. It ensures that all the stakeholders that fall under the ambit of E-Waste Management Rules are complying with the guidelines for end-of-life disposal of every Washing Machine they produced.

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