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EPR Authorization for Electronic Data Storage Devices

EPR Authorization for Electronic Data Storage DevicesEPR Authorization is mandatory for Electronic Data Storage Devices

Category: EPR Authorization

Product Code: ITEW27

The producers need EPR Authorization for Electronic and Storage Devices if they are manufacturing and selling these products. The producers circulate Electronic Data Storage Devices in the market for profit but after the end of their life, these products contribute to a large chunk of e-waste. This is why the implementation of the EPR policy is necessary. The producers need to take out this e-waste from the market just as they brought it in. They get EPR targets to achieve based on their yearly production. EPR Authorization for electronic data storage devices helps our environment to stay free from toxic heavy metals which are part of the components of these electronic devices. The source of these resources is the mines and it is available in limited quantity hence recycling is very necessary for the sustainable production of these devices which we use in our daily life.

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