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EPR Authorization for Modems

EPR Authorization for ModemsEPR Authorization is mandatory for Modems

Category: EPR Authorization

Product Code: ITEW26

The modem is an electronic device that helps to connect your network devices with internet service providers. These are classified as electronic and electrical devices under the E-Waste Management Rules of 2022. EPR Authorization for the modems is mandatory for businesses dealing in modems. Without EPR registration at the Central Pollution Control Board, no producer, manufacturer, recycler or refurbisher can manufacture, sell, distribute the modems and process the waste generated from these modems after the end-of-life of the product. But the processing of e-waste is mandatory and hence the producers get EPR Authorization to continue manufacturing and selling modems. EPR helps to encourage the recycling and reuse of the products wherever possible but if not recycled then this e-waste can harm the environment in many ways.

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