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EPR Authorization for Tablets and iPad

EPR Registration for Tablets and iPadEPR Authorization is mandatory for Tablets and iPad

Category: EPR Authorization

Product Code: ITEW19

Tablets and I-Pads are the most advanced devices in this category which we use for telecommunication. These are classified as electrical and electronic equipment in the information technology and telecommunication equipment category with code ITEW19. The producers of these devices need to get EPR Authorisation for tablets and I-Pad. They cannot manufacture, sell and distribute these devices without EPR registration at the central pollution control board. Apart from the documentary compliances, the producers also need to manage the waste generated from these devices under the EPR policy. The producers need to recycle them and get EPR certificates for their respective EPR liabilities. The tablets and iPad contain various harmful substances like lead, nickel, mercury, lithium etc. These toxic metals pollute the environment if they are exposed to them. The EPR Authorisation ensures the due processing of generated e-waste for the safety of our environment from these substances.

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