Hallmark Registration

It is a certification of purity of gold articles in accordance with Indian Standard specifications. It has been acting as a safeguard to purchasers of gold and gold articles for centuries in various countries

After evaluating and testing the gold article of jewellers, these marks are allotted. Hallmarked jewellery authenticate that the metal used in jewellery conforms to the national and international standard of fineness and purity.


Hallmark consists of five components i.e.



  1. BIS Mark,
  2. Purity Grade
  3. Jewelers Identification Mark
  4. Hallmarking Centre's mark, jeweller's mark and
  5. Year of marking denoted by a code letter and decided by BIS (e.g. code letter 'A' was approved by BIS for the year 2000, 'B' being used for the year 2001 and 'C' for 2002).

Marking is done either using laser marking machine or punches. Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) hallmark, a mark of conformity widely accepted by the consumer, bestows the additional confidence to the consumer on the purity of gold jewellery.


In India Bureau of Indian Standards, is the country's apex standards body, involved in the development of technical standards (popularly known as Indian Standards), product quality and management system certifications& customer affairs in all matters concerning standardization, certification and quality. Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certified jewellers can get their jewellery hallmarked from any of the BIS recognized Assaying and Hallmarking Centre. 


The main objective of assaying and hallmarking is to protect a consumer against victimization of irregular gold quality. Besides consumer satisfaction, hallmarking helps to create export competitiveness of gold jewelry industry thus provide a strong impetus for gold jewelry exports. 


Grant Of Hallmark Certificate

Any jeweler willing to obtain Certificate of Registration for Selling Hallmarked Jewellery/artifacts shall apply with self-certified copies of documents listed below from (a) to (e) with the online application or submit hard copies to the Branch office of BIS having jurisdiction of the area where the jeweler is located, with the application. Registration is granted to the applicant if the application is found to be complete with all necessary documents and fees enclosed within five working days.


Documents Required BIS (Hallmarking)

  • a) Proof of establishment of the firm or company (Any one of the document given below)
  1. i) Certificate of Registration issued by Registrar of companies along with memorandum of articles
  2. ii) Registered or Notarized Partnership Deed in case applicant is a Partnership Firm.
  3. iii) Certificate from a Chartered Accountant if applicant is a Proprietorship Firm or any other document like trade licence indicating firm as proprietorship, or
  4. iv) GST Registration Certificate indicating status of firm as proprietorship firm


  • b) Proof of address of firm's premises (Any one of the documents given below)
  1. i) Registration with State Government Authority/ Trade Licences
  2. ii) GST registration certificate.
  3. iii) Income Tax Assessment Order
  4. iv) A latest Property tax receipt
  5. v) Rent agreement with last rent receipt
  6. vi) Sale/ Lease Deed agreement.


  • c) Proof of Identity of the signatory
  1. i) Aadhar based verification/ e- signature
  2. ii) Self-certified copy of any one of following documents as identity proof of signatory on the Application:

              -   Aadhar Card - Driving Licence

              -   PAN card

              -   Voter Identity card

              -   Passport

              -   Identity Certificate with photo issued by Gazetted Officer on official letterhead.


  • d) Map indicating location of premises from nearest landmark
  1. Location map of premises from some nearest prominent landmark for each outlet, as applicable (illustrative only).


e) Proof in regard to the annual turnover

  1. i) Self-certified copy of GST return of the previous financial year, or certificate issued by a Chartered Accountant for Turnover, if firms/ Jewellers turnover is below 40 lakhs and he does not have GST Registration, or Balance sheet of Jeweller, dully certified by the Chartered Accountant. An undertaking may be obtained from the Jeweller that if his turnover exceeds threshold limit he will take GST Registration and will submit GST Return to BIS after completion of one financial year and difference as per actual turnover.
  2. ii) If the firm is new, an undertaking from the firm with expected turnover and assurance to submit GST return after completion of current financial year and deposit the difference as per actual turnover.
  3. iii) In case of corporate certificate of registration if the applicant has only one single GST return than the firm may be asked to submit certificate from Chartered Accountant mentioning the turnover of each outlet. 


Hallmark Registration Fee

The government has notified new guidelines for BIS Hallmark Licence Fees. The license fee will now be known as Registration fees and it will be based on turnover in place population.

According to new guidelines following the change in BIS hallmark license fees for jeweler’s turnover as below:

S. No

Business Turnover

Application Fee

Registration Fee


Up to Rs. 5 cr – Rs.


INR 7,500


Between Rs. 5 cr to Rs. 25 cr


INR 15,000


Between Rs. 25 cr to Rs. 100 CR


INR 40,000


Turnover Above Rs. 100 cr


INR 80,000




Hallmarking Equipment for Hallmark Centre

I. Gold Testing Machine



Compact Eco (Si -Pin)

X-ray Tube

Long Life, High-Efficiency tungsten target, air-cooled

High Voltage

50Kv / (1.2 mA) programmable


High-resolution Silicon Pin detector in conjunction with digital signal processing. Pin Diode, 25 mm2 with Digital Pulse Processor

Measurement Time

35 sec. to 180 sec.


Single Collimator 0.5mm

Inside Chamber

H 35 X W 40 X D 60 cm

Sample Stage

Manual scissors-type Z-stage, Optional motorized Z-stage with Autofocus facility

Power Supply

230VAC, 50/60Hz, 120W / 100W


400 × 600 × 350 mm (W x D x H)


40 kg




Compact eco is an affordable precious metal analyzer with high precision.

Compact Eco Pin with the usage of a high-resolution silicon pin detector in conjunction digital signal processing achieves best detection limits and highest precision. Based on an about four times better resolution (in comparison with conventional technique) the element separation is much better. Furthermore lowest detection limits are Achieved because of better signal to noise ratio.

Safety: A major task of the operating software is to assure the complete safety in the operation of the X-ray system. This includes the control of all the various safety interlocks and functions needed for the German Government approval and license as a fully fail-safe closed beam instruments X-MasteR is the user-friendly operating software for the modern suit of X-ray systems. This program used most modern software tools available for windows® operating platforms. The main task of the operating software is the control of all system parameters such as high voltage settings, X-ray tube current, display of collimators and filters as well as the collection and manipulation of the measurement data.


Features of Gold Testing Machine

  1. Fast: Ultrafast detection system for quick results.
  2. Accurate: This system is based on x-ray radiation technology with modern user-friendly software which ensure accurate measurement.
  3. Non-destructive: The analysis performed non-contact and non-destructive in about 1 minute.
  4. Calibration: Pre-calibrated for Gold and other precious metals.
  5. Ease: This Machine is very user-friendly and easy to operate. It doesn’t require a special person to operate. Simply position the piece of interest with the aid of a video microscope and start the measurement. The analysis is performed non-contact and non-destructive in less than 35 sec. to 3 minutes.


Technology Used

  1. Compact Eco is based on Gas filled prop counter for Measuring most common allots including gold for Jewellery industry.
  2. Compact Eco Si-Pin is based on high resolution silicon detector which is ultimate for alloys analyzing for jeweler industry including gold & silver, even one step ahead for accuracy & repeatability compare to Gas filled pro counter.
  3. Coating Thickness: Standard module available for measuring coating thickness. Specially useful for plating & electronic industry.


II. Fiber Laser Machine



CFM – 20

Laser Source

Pulsed Fiber Laser

Laser Source Lifetime About

~ 50,000 hours

Maximum Laser Power

20 W

Wavelength (nm) (Min-Typ- Max)


Beam Quality M2 (Typ-Max)

M2 < 1.6

Pulse Repetition Rate (Min- Max)

20Hz - 100 Khz

Working Area (mm)

70 x 70

Optional Area (mm)

100 x 100 / 200 x 200

Marking Speed

<15000 mm/s

Min Width

0.03 mm

Min Character

0.3 mm

Orientation Precision

0.002 mm

Cooling Style

Air Cooling

Power Consumption

800 W


AC 220±10% / 50HZ / 5A

Dimension ( mm)

600 x 460 x 530

Gross Weight

45 Kg



Able to mark all metal materials and some non-metal materials. Complete enclosed laser module design with the optical fiber transmission pump light source, air cooling systems, which offers better protection for the laser devices greatly reducing the failure rate of laser device.
Ergonomically designed. Can be placed on desktop, taking up a small working space. Low power consumption of 1kw.
WINDOWS based marking software. Able to read COREL DRAW, AUTOCAD, PHOTOSHOP and other commonly used graphic files, such as AL, PLT, DXF, BMP, JPEG. Support for auto-coding, serial number, batch number, date, bar code and two-dimensional codes.
Able to mark 360° circular objects such as finger rings, bracelets and other cylindrical objects. ( Optional Accessories required ) Laser source life span up to 50,000 hours.


III. Micro Balance Machine



CM 2


2 gm


0.001 mg

Pan Size

15 mm dia



A) Easy to read Large Backlight GRAPHICAL LCD Display with A.E.P(Advanced Eye Protection)
B) Standard RS 232 C Interface.
C) Built in Internal Calibration with function like E1 Standard weight.
     I. Initial Calibration.
     II. Auto calibration according to change in ambient temperature.
                                                                            III. User selected time calibration.
D) Various weighing units like %,filling, Check weighing, statistic.
E) Conforms to GLP/GMP & ISO 9001 standard.
F) Improved Repeatability for better results.


IV. Weight Machine


a) Easy to read Large Backlight GRAPHICAL LCD Display with A.E.P(Advanced Eye Protection)
b) Dye Cast Aluminum design for long term stability and accurate results.
c) Standard RS 232 C Interface.
d) Various weighing units like gm, mg, ct, oz, dwt, mom, GN.
e) Conforms to GLP/GMP & ISO 9001 standard.
f) Hanger for below balance weighing.
g) Spacious draft shield interior.
h) Improved Repeatability for better result.




CY 64




0.1 mg

Pan Size

85 mm dia



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