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EPR Authorization for Electric Hot Plates

EPR Registration for Electric Hot PlatesEPR Authorization is mandatory for Electric Hot Plates

Category: EPR Authorization

Product Code: LSEEW8

Electric hot plates are portable cooking devices that use electricity to generate heat for cooking. They consist of a flat heating surface made of metal or ceramic, which becomes hot when electricity flows through it. Hot plates are compact and can be used anywhere with an electrical outlet, making them convenient for small spaces or outdoor cooking. They are often used as additional burners in kitchens or for cooking in dorm rooms, offices, or while camping. The producers and importers of these products need to obtain the EPR Registration for Electric Hot Plates. E-Waste Management Rules prescribe responsibilities to the waste producers to manage this e-waste generated at the end of the product’s life. EPR Targets need to be fulfilled by these producers on a yearly basis.

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