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EPR Authorization for Handheld Video Game Consoles

EPR Registration for Handheld Video Game ConsolesEPR Authorization is mandatory for Handheld Video Game Consoles

Category: EPR Authorization

Product Code: TLSEW2

If you are producing handheld video game consoles, you need to ensure that you are manufacturing the same according to the rules and restrictions imposed by the e-waste management rules of 2022. Handheld video game consoles are used by various age groups for entertainment. EPR Registration for handheld video games is compulsory for the producer, manufacturers and importers. The EPR responsibility puts the burden on the producers for e-waste management that will be generated at the end of the life of the produced items. EPR Compliances are important and must be fulfilled by all producers including the producers of handheld video game consoles for the sustainable development of the country.

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