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EPR Authorization for Phablet

EPR Registration for PhabletEPR Authorization is mandatory for Phablet

Category: EPR Authorization

Product Code: ITEW20

Phablets are also tablets but with the added functionality of a telephone. These devices have the size of a tablet and the functionality of a phone hence called the phablet. They also contain heavy and toxic substances like lead, mercury, beryllium lithium etc. Without proper management of these substances and e-waste generated at the end of the product’s life is extremely important to execute in an environment-friendly manner. Hence the EPR rules prescribe that producers, manufacturers, recyclers and refurbishers obtain EPR Authorisation for phablets before indulging in the related business. It avoids the potential danger of polluting the environment with such toxic materials as well as any fines levied by the Central Pollution Control Board.

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