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EPR Authorization for Fertilization Test Equipment and Accessories

EPR Registration for Fertilization Test Equipment and AccessoriesEPR Authorization is mandatory for Fertilization Test Equipment and Accessories

Category: EPR Authorization

Product Code: MDW9

The pieces of equipment, which are used to perform fertilisation tests are categorised in this category. These devices work on electricity and are called electrical and electronic devices. The producers need to get the EPR Registration for fertilisation test equipment and accessories. The e-waste management rules prescribe the mandatory CPCB registration and follow the compliances for proper end-of-life disposal of e-waste generated by their products. Under EPR rules, the responsibility of the management of e-waste is put on the producers and they need to recycle in an amount proportional to their production in the last financial year. It ensures that the e-waste is properly disposed of and no harmful substance is exposed to the environment as that can cause harm to nature and the public as well.

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