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EPR Authorization for Hair Dryer

EPR Registration for Hair DryerEPR Authorization is mandatory for Hair Dryer

Category: EPR Authorization

Product Code: LSEEW31

Hair Dryer is an electronic device which is used for hairdressing. It is a handheld device which blows hot air. This is powered by electricity and uses electronic components that may be harmful to nature. Hair Dryers are also classified as e-waste and the producers need to get EPR Authorisation for Hair Dryers before they can sell their products in the market. The Central Pollution Control Board provides this registration for hair dryers under the e-waste management rules. The compliance ensures that the e-waste is recycled by the producers themselves and the products are either recycled, refurbished or disposed of at the end of their life. These sustainable practices are necessary to reduce the e-waste from the environment and keep our nature free from pollution.

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