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EPR Authorization for Smoke Detector

EPR Registration for Smoke DetectorEPR Authorization is mandatory for Smoke Detector

Category: EPR Authorization

Product Code: LSEEW22

A smoke Detector is an electronic device which is used to sense smoke. They are typically installed on-premises to sense smoke as a signal of a possible fire emergency. They are crucial when combined with fire alarms in a building with a high risk of fire emergencies. These devices use electronic mechanisms to detect smoke and are classified under the twenty-second category of Large and Small Electrical and Electronic Equipment Waste. The producers, importers, and distributors of these kinds of products need to obtain EPR Authorisation for Smoke Detectors from the CPCB Registration Portal. CPCB registers the producers of smoke detectors and ensures proper end-of-life disposal of these electrical and electronic equipment for the safety of our environment.

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