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EPR Authorization for Nuclear Medicine Equipment and Accessories

EPR Registration for Nuclear Medicine Equipment and AccessoriesEPR Authorization is mandatory for Nuclear Medicine Equipment and Accessories

Category: EPR Authorization

Product Code: MDW5

Nuclear medicine is a medical discipline that employs radiopharmaceuticals, which are radioactive tracers, to evaluate bodily functions, and diagnose and manage diseases. The producers, importers and manufacturers need to obtain EPR Registration for nuclear medicine equipment to import, produce and distribute these medical devices. If any producer is found to be selling these medical devices without EPR Authorisation provided by the Central Pollution Control Board, they shall be punished with the penalty and action shall be taken as per the discretion of the CPCB in accordance with the e-waste management rules. Proper e-waste management is necessary to maintain the health of the environment and create a better atmosphere to further ensure public safety.

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