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EPR Authorization for Inverter

EPR Registration for InverterEPR Authorization is mandatory for Inverter

Category: EPR Authorization

Product Code: ITEW25

Inverters have the same objective to fulfil as the UPS but they have different purposes to fulfil. They both are alternative sources to use when main power is not available but UPS suits the computers and inverters suit other household purposes including the light, fan, television etc. because of their different primary objectives. EPR Authorization for the inverter is mandatory to manufacture and sell them in the market because they are electronic device and generates e-waste at the end of the product’s life. This generated, if not recycled, will accumulate as large chunks of toxic e-waste. EPR Authorization provides a framework for the producers in which they recycle the e-waste equivalent to the sales of their product. In this way, we grow but with sustainable practices.

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