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EPR Authorization for Electronic Display Panels

EPR Registration for Electronic Display PanelsEPR Authorization is mandatory for Electronic Display Panels

Category: EPR Authorization

Product Code: LSEEW34

Electronic display panels, boards and other units are widely used in advertising. You can notice them easily at public places like metro stations and markets. These display panels are often used together to create a bigger screen to run a bigger advertisement. They run on electricity and are classified as electronic waste under the e-waste management rules. The producers and importers need to follow these waste management rules and obtain EPR Registration for Electronic Display Panels. Only after EPR Authorisation, the producers will be able to circulate their electronic displays in the market. They also need to recycle the same at the end of their life and fulfil the annual recycling target and other EPR compliance. It will ensure proper end-of-life disposal of electronic displays and save the environment from the e-waste they generate.

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