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EPR Authorization for Electric Shaver

EPR Registration for Electric ShaverEPR Authorization is mandatory for Electric Shaver

Category: EPR Authorization

Product Code: LSEEW32

Electric Shaver is an electronic device, popularly known as a trimmer. It is widely used by men for beard trimming. Electric Shaver runs on electricity and comes in both variants- battery-based and direct electric power based. The producers and importers of electric shavers or beard trimmers need to obtain EPR registration for electric shavers. Without EPR Authorisation from the Central Pollution Control Board, you cannot distribute your product in the market or clear customs for the imported electric shaver. The EPR Registration enables CPCB to track the products of a producer or an importer and impose EPR liabilities accordingly. These EPR obligations need to be fulfilled by these stakeholders every year. This is the mechanism introduced by e-waste management rules to direct the nation onto the path of sustainable development.

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