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EPR Authorization for Indoor Air Purifier

EPR Registration for Indoor Air PurifierEPR Authorization is mandatory for Indoor Air Purifier

Category: EPR Authorization

Product Code: LSEEW30

Indoor Air Purifiers are electronic devices that purify indoor air like in a room or hall by removing the contaminants from air. This equipment is very useful for allergic people and patients going through chronic diseases. The indoor air purifier works on electric power and is classified as e-waste at the end of its life. The producers, manufacturers and importers need to get EPR Registration for Indoor Air Purifiers. The EPR Authorisation for indoor air purifiers can be obtained through the CPCB portal after which the producers need to fulfil the annual EPR Compliance for the e-waste generated by them. It ensures proper end-of-life disposal of these electronic products and reduces e-waste from the environment which is utmost necessary to keep the environment free from pollution.

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