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EPR Authorization for Microwave Oven

EPR Registration for Microwave OvenEPR Authorization is mandatory for Microwave Oven

Category: EPR Authorization

Product Code: LSEEW9

Microwaves are kitchen appliances that use electromagnetic waves to heat and cook food quickly. They work by generating microwaves that cause water molecules in the food to vibrate, producing heat. Microwave ovens are specifically designed appliances that incorporate a microwave for cooking and heating food, offering various power levels and preset for convenience. They are widely used for their speed and versatility in households, offices, and food establishments. These are also electric equipment and hence require the producers to fulfil the EPR responsibility for the products they brought into the market. They need to obtain the EPR Authorization for Microwaves and Microwave Oven. Their yearly target to recycle and refurbish the e-waste generated from these products depends on their production of the last financial year.

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