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EPR Authorization for Cordless Telephones

EPR Registration for Cordless TelephonesEPR Authorization is mandatory for Cordless Telephones

Category: EPR Authorization

Product Code: ITEW14

EPR Authorisation also requires this version of telephones. These are cordless counterparts of wired telephones. These devices are for homes and offices. They work on the battery and need the charge once the battery is over. Batteries are harmful to the environment if left in the open. It can pollute the air, water and soil by coming into contact with them. The producers of these phones need to obtain EPR Registration for cordless telephones from the Central Pollution Control Board before manufacturing and distributing the product in the market. The responsibilities of the producer extend beyond the EPR Authorisation for cordless telephones to the later management of waste they generated by placing such products in the market. It affects the environment on a very large scale and EPR guidelines need to be followed for sustainable development of the country.

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