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EPR Authorization for Other Electric Diagnostic Equipment

EPR Registration for Other Electric Diagnostic EquipmentEPR Authorization is mandatory for Other Electric Diagnostic Equipment

Category: EPR Authorization

Product Code: MDW10

If there is any other electrical and electronic equipment of a diagnostic nature including mobiles, tablets, with features having the potential of sex selection are categorised in this category along with their related accessories. These devices also generate e-waste at the end of their life and cause harm to nature due to the harmful substances used in their electrical circuits. The producers of these devices need to obtain EPR Authorisation for other electric diagnostic equipment. The EPR Registration is done through the online portal of the Central Pollution Control Board which assists the regulatory authorities to track e-waste. CPCB monitors the e-waste generated from a business through annual reports and gives EPR recycling targets to the producers based on their production of the previous financial year. The system supports the idea of circular economy and sustainable development.

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