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All 13 Food Business License / Permits Required To Start Any Type of Food Business in India


Introduction: FSSAI Central

The FSSAI being a central act has to be complied with by all the food business operators in the country. However, India being a big market, each state may have its local laws which may also need to be complied with. Some of the approvals, registrations, and licenses that a food business operator may be required to obtain from various authorities under other laws are below:

  • Health and trade licenses from the municipal corporation of the relevant area,
  • Verification certificate under the Standards of Weights and Measures Act, 1976 for each of the outlets issued by the Department of Legal Metrology of the respective areas,
  • Eating house license
  • Environmental clearance
  • Registration under the police act of the respective city/state
  • No-objection certificate for fire prevention and safety
  • Liquor license.
  • Registration under the shops and establishments act of the respective state
  • A license for playing music in restaurants is also required for playing recorded or live music.
  • It is mandatory for a food business to obtain insurance from any insurance company with regard to public policy, product liability, fire policy, building, and assets. Other insurances though are not mandatory may be useful if taken.
  • registration under the Employees' Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952 if it is engaging more than 20 employees.
  • Registration is also required under the Central Excise Act, 1944 as in respect of goods specified in the Third Schedule of the said act, repacking, re-labeling, putting or altering retail sale price, etc. will fall into the category of manufacture.
  • Subject to applicability, other statutory and regulatory compliances may also include registrations under Income Tax Act, 1861, Customs Act, 1962, sales tax, service tax, and other labor laws.

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Registration of Business Entity

FSSAI Food License

Trademark Registration of Food Business

Fire Department NOC

Health and Trade License

Insurance Required

Environmental Clearance

Liquor or Bar license

Verification Certificate

License For Playing Music In Restaurants

Eating House License Registration

Registrations Under Income Tax Act, 1861, Customs Act, 1962, and Other Labour Laws

Employees' Provident Funds

Registration under the Central Excise Act

Returns Required To File By FBO

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