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How to Start a Mobile Phone Component Manufacturing Company in India


Introduction: Mobile Component Manufacturing Company

India is a technologically advanced country as well as sound. With the increased production of mobile phones in the country, some industries/factories build mobile phones from scratch and there are a few that involve other companies to provide them with mobile phone components or parts. Mobile components include parts from within to the parts that are involved to build the exterior of the phone. For example- LCD Screens, batteries, Memory Cards, Speakers, Micro Phones, CODEC, USB Ports, Cameras, Radio Frequency Energy, DAC and ADC, Bluetooth features, Switches, and many more. A company can also be established that would involve the production of mobile phone components as well as building a mobile to its end product. Our country is well established with raw materials too that are involved in making these smaller parts of a phone. Manufacturing components are frequently followed by assembling them which is a result of a combined business. A boost in the production of phones is fuelled by the components such as an advanced population of the young, a huge amount of the working class, increased middle-class employment, and women marking a significant part in the industry.

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The Key Regions In The Indian Mobile Components Manufacturing Market

In order to create a zone that encourages the best business, it is essential that a start-up company, be it any business must be situated in a place that contains all the essential things required for your business. Hence location is one of the driving forces that may decide the status of the company in a market. A region that is easily reachable, close to the targeted audience, and suitable as per Government norms shall encourage a lucrative outcome. India witnesses the NCR of Delhi as one such region. Due to a favourable business outcome in the region, it has attracted several investors and manufacturers in the country to set up a base here. 

What Are The Mobile Types In The Indian Mobile Components Manufacturing Business?

Mobiles phones that require extensive production of their components involve majorly 2 types of phones- 

  • Smart Phones and;
  • Regular Phones. 

Both these kinds require separate components and they largely vary depending upon their use. Smart phones involve a much complex and a greater number of components as compared to a regular phone that is used only for calling and texting. 

Compliance To Be Followed While Setting Up A Component Manufacturing Company

  • Registration of Company

Your company must be registered under the Companies Act of 1872 in accordance with the rules that govern corporations and how they operate in India. A partnership or an LLP can be set up, and then that entity can be registered. When a corporation is registered, it can become a separate legal entity with its own identity and become qualified for a range of benefits.

  • Udyog Aadhar Registration (MSME)

The registration process is also provided, along with information on the investment process and the suitability of manufacturing equipment. All Medium, Small, and Micro industries engaged in the business of manufacturing or providing any service must, nevertheless, meet the fundamental requirements for such registration.

  • Factory License

An industry that has established a manufacturing operation is required under the Factories Act of 1948 to get a factory licence. A factory license is necessary in order to protect employee safety and to receive registration and renewal incentives. If the company has fewer than 10 employees, the local authority can grant the necessary licence; however, if the company has more than 10 employees, a factory licence must be obtained from a state agency.

  • National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) Certificate

The NSIC serves as an additional certification that enables Micro and Small Businesses to enrol in a programme that will allow them to take advantage of additional benefits. Any industry having an NSIC is eligible for benefits under the Public Procurement Policy, which was created specifically for MSMEs. Industries would have access to financial aid, equipment, advantages in government procurements, and maybe a wide range of raw materials.

Important Documents A Component Manufacturing Company Must Hold

  • An Environment Clearance Certificate 
  • Consent for the use of generators/electricity.  
  • A GST Certificate
  • A Fire License or NOC
  • A manufacturing layout blueprint
  • A Certificate of Incorporation
  • A factory building stability Certificate
  • An ISI label (if applicable)
  • An Import-Export Code (in case the business involves the import or export of products or parts)
  • An International Standard for Operation (ISO) Certificate
  • An industrial allotment Certificate
  • Essential Tax Certificates
  • MPCB (Only for facilities in Maharashtra)/ CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) Certificate & renewal

Government Initiatives and Guidelines

  • To prevent monopolies of the producers of mobile phones and other consumer goods when it comes to the repair and component of these products, the Union government has introduced a "Right to Repair" framework. The government intends to make it mandatory for them to provide customers with product information needed for their own or third parties own repairs. A government committee identified "key sectors" to execute the framework.
  • According to a statement, the "Right to Repair" was created because it is only natural for customers to own a product completely after purchase. As a result, consumers "should be able to repair and modify the product with ease and at a reasonable cost, without being captive to the whims of manufacturers for repairs," the statement reads. The proposed framework will aim to reduce e-waste, empower consumers, and harmonize commerce between original equipment manufacturers and third-party buyers and sellers.
  • The Electronics System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) industry in India has received a much-needed boost thanks to programmes like Make in India, Digital India, and Start-up India. The government's initiatives, including the Modified Special Incentive Scheme (M-SIPS), Electronics Manufacturing Clusters, Electronics Development Fund, and National Policy on Electronics 2019 (NPE 2019), have also been successful.
  • The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has announced the following programmes in order to further improve the ESDM ecosystem with a full value chain and establish India as the world's hub for ESDM:
  1. PLI, or the Production Linked Incentive Scheme, 
  2. A program designed to encourage the production of Semiconductors and Electronic Components (SPECS)
  3. Electronics Manufacturing Clusters Scheme with Modifications (EMC 2.0)

A Few Features of a Mobile Component Manufacturing Company  

The better component a phone holds the more durable the mobile phone shall turn out to be. It is essential to realize that a Mobile Component business may require a lot more capital than just simply manufacturing only a mobile phone. They come with our essence, advantages, and disadvantages-

  • Mobile Components include the production of parts that involve the use of Nickel, Lithium, and other metals using which the cost of the components may be a lot. Hence producing them in a bulk may result in a loss. The batteries used in the can also be expensive.
  • Industries occasionally need to have a supply of spare parts on hand to guarantee a particular degree of product lifetime. You must have enough operating capital to be able to invest today in something that you will need in the future.
  • It sometimes happens that manufacturers apart from producing can decide to stock the spare parts of an existing mobile manufacturing company. Such a situation is possible in case of a mobile company’s lapse that may lead to stopping the production of their phones.
  • In the case of buying mobile phone components to further sell them, one must avoid buying them in bulk. Buying a lot of them would result in creating a carbon footprint which would be a huge drawback for a start-up company.
  • With an increased cost of production and the kinds of elements used in preparing the components of mobile, the business will likely be very profitable.
  • It is essential to choose the right location to run the business to profit.
  • A Mobile Component Company must involve high-skilled technicians along with individuals that understand the software and electric circuits. Careful screening during employment is necessary.
  • One must be prepared that in case any product component fails or is damaged, it may require an advanced level and cost of repair. In order to stand out from the rest, you must ensure a system of a well-equipped product.
  • Advertise and market on both online and offline modes as such a business will always be in demand.
  • Brainstorming sessions can involve to create an idea to offer a lot more than just spare parts. Enhanced service and additional benefits may allow your business to flourish. 


Any business started with the right equipment, manpower and technology can result in being highly lucrative. A Mobile Component Business is as profitable as a mobile production one. Mobile phones have streamlined and accelerated communication over time. They have evolved into essential tools, especially in the business environment where it is essential to maintain an open channel of communication in order to finish tasks and processes as soon as possible. The intense competition in this sector is brought on by the steadily rising demand for its products. The more the number of mobile phones is produced, the demand for repair as well as production of their spare parts will continue to be in demand.

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