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How To Start A Solar Panel Manufacturing And Installation Business


Introduction: Solar Panel Manufacturing Business

The solar panel manufacturing business is one of the huge and rapidly growing business in our India and it has been grown almost in the past 50% decades alone. So as we all know that solar energy is a renewable source of energy and we were not run out like towards the fossil fuels. It’s not only cost effective but also eco –friendly. Now Government has announced some policies and incentives like for encouraging solar panel manufacturing business PLI scheme in India. The energy of solar in market was valued at USD 59 billion in 2020 and also it expected it reach USD 230 billion by 2028 at globally level.

Due to environmental regulation several manufacturing industries are installing solar panels on rooftops because it has been provided a vast market for manufacturing solar panel industry owner. Complete setup for plant solar panel manufacturing it require huge number of components such as DC distribution box, Panel stand wire, solar panels, wire, tracking structure, etc. if we easily understand about solar panel that it’s a solar panel is used for to collect energy from the sun and convert it an electricity with the help of solar cells, so read this blog to know step-by step procedure to how to start the solar panel manufacturing business.

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Which Raw Material Is Require To Start Solar Panel Manufacturing Business?

Several materials required to start solar panel manufacturing business mention below:

  • DC distribution box
  • Panel stand wire 
  • Solar panels 
  • Wire
  • Tracking structure
  • Aluminium Frame
  • Plexiglas
  • Glass sheet
  • Solar cells

These are the raw materials are most required to the solar panel manufacturing plant. But not only are these material enough for start for solar panel manufacturing plant. Also

Which Machine Are Required To Start Solar Panel Manufacturing Business?

  • Solar stringer Machine 
  • Solar Cell layup machine
  • Solar laminator
  • Sun laminator
  • Electroluminescence tester
  • Silicone dispenser
  • Automatic station for manual bussing
  • Plastic cutting machines

(These are the machine are required for the Solar panel Manufacturing).

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What Are The Manufacturing Process Of Solar Panel?

  • Making Polysilicon: Quartz is heated with carbon arc in an electric furnace to get polysilicon.
  • Adding Boron: Boron is mixed with polysilicon at high temperature to create p-type semiconductor material.
  • Forming Ingots: Molten polysilicon is cast into blocks called ingots.
  • Cutting Ingots into Wafers: Ingots are sliced into thin wafers using wire saws.
  • Shaping Wafers: Wafers undergo solar etching to shape them into hexagonal or rectangular shapes suitable for solar cells.
  • Creating N-Type Layer: Wafers are cleaned and treated to form an N-type semiconductor layer.
  • Phosphorous Diffusion: Wafers are introduced to a phosphorous diffusion furnace.
  • Applying Anti-Reflective Coating: An anti-reflective coating is applied to the top of each cell to reduce sunlight loss.
  • Adding Electrical Contacts: Electrical contacts are installed to connect the solar cells.
  • Testing Cells: Each solar cell undergoes testing for quality assurance.
  • Assembling Solar Panels: Cells are arranged in a framework to form a solar panel.
  • Panel Sizes: A 48-cell panel is suitable for small residential roofs, while a standard size is made with 60 cells.

How Many Type Of Solar Panels:

There are basically three types of solar panels mentioned below:

  • Monocrystalline solar panels:  This is known by the oldest type of solar panels and comprise monocrystalline solar cells made with pure of silicon. These cells are expensive as a very heavy power and it’s occupy less space and tend to last longer. For better absorption of sunlight these panel have large surface area. And it’s have an efficiency of this between 18to 24. This panel have great heat resistance and it could be last up to 30years. Also a good thing about this in new entrepreneurs who look for start solar panel manufacture plant can start with this monocrystalline panels.
  • Polycrystalline solar panels:  Polycrystalline are also called as multi- crystalline panels and also considered as mid-range panels but it is less efficient compared to monocrystalline panels and this is easily affordable. Basically this panel are made up with poly fragments of silicon crystals and its does generate much of electricity as per compared to monocrystalline panels. In this panels are less freedom for the electrons to move in poly fragments of silicon but the process involve in the solar panel manufacturing plant is simple and faster.
  • Thin-film solar panels: This solar panel are thin and flexible in nature we can say that the cells used for this panel is will be 350 times thinner. They are made up with semiconducting materials such as silicon, copper, indium, gallium, selenide and calcium telluride and they have an efficiency of this is around 12% and degrade to tend is more quickly compared to crystalline panels. Between the conducting layers the semiconductor placed with glass on top making its looks attractive and it can be used as solar roof tiles. Construction costumer can easily save their cost making due to its light weight.     

Steps to Start Solar Panel Manufacturing Business:

  • Detailed Project Report:  Detailed project reports provide you an excellent clarity by helping for estimate the cost required to start a solar panel manufacturing plant, with the profit of projection and also description of the technology can be used suitable strategies of marketing , for a successful industry components need to run etc.
  • Agreement of Finance: Entrepreneurs or start up starters can utilize the government bank loans and subsides for financial assistance to start the solar panel manufacturing business. Also DPR play a crucial role to secure a bank loan and also be eligible for those subsidies.
  • Register and get necessary licenses and permits:  BIS  Bureau id Indian Standard and Ministry of new and renewable sources of the solar energy is come in the compulsory registration, the PV modules need to undergo for testing from a NABL testing lab and they should clear all the parameters of testing and must it be comply with the all terms and conditions
  • Infrastructure: Entrepreneurs can buy, lease, or build an infrastructure to start solar panel manufacturing business. It’s an advisable to have and this structure on the location having a convenience in goods for sales and marketing. Once the infra is ready then the next step is procure machinery and installing procedure
  • Raw material procurement and Machinery: starting the solar panel manufacturing business it’s require a wide range of machinery and also type of machinery can be depends on the type of scale production. The fact is industry choose semi-automated and manual or be a fully process production. 
  • Branding and Marketing: It is the last phase but it’s also decide the success of the Solar panel business. The market of solar panel is growing instantly all over the world. Manufacture also build efficient market strategies to conquer the large market share. MNCs and manufacturers units are installing solar panels on rooftops and have been provide huge market opportunities.

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Future Growth of Solar Panel Manufacturing Business:

In simple terms, the Indian government is giving a big thumbs-up to solar panel manufacturing. They're making it more attractive for local businesses to produce solar panels by increasing taxes on imported ones. Plus, they're offering loans and subsidies to help people start their own solar panel factories.

By 2030, India wants to having an enough solar panels to generate a whopping 280 gigawatts of power. To make this happen, they have set a huge amount of money, around INR 24,000 crores, with a big chunk of it coming from the 2022 budget. What does this mean for entrepreneurs? Well, it's like a green solar light to dive into the solar panel business. With all support from the government, experts predict that solar panel manufacturing in India could grow by a massive 400% by 2025. So, if you're looking for a profitable business idea in India, solar panels is right for you to become a great enterpenures. 


Set up the solar business is all about research, investment, time and leadership. But it’s a good decision for the entrepreneurs for start their business in this start up but the main thing in this money matters a lot. Also you take the opportunity to invest in the green energy which is good work for all over the world. And don’t forget to study about the materials which require for the solar panel business because good material is good for your business and it’s save you from loss. Government also publishes new terms and policy so check also this for set up the solar panel business.

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